The 92 KQRS $50,000 Eliminator

The 92 KQRS $50,000 Eliminator

92 prizes are up for grabs and one of them could be yours…. a trip around the world, thousands in cash, sports cars, a pet shark, and so much more…! It’s the 92 KQRS $50,000 Eliminator  – presented by North American Banking Company and MyPillow.

Congrats to our Eliminator grand prize winner, Paul G. of Shakopee!

Paul qualified for the grand prize drawing on 3/18 when he eliminated prize #78, Tour de Minnesota. (Good choice Paul) As our grand prize winner, Paul receives the last remaining grand prize which just happens to be prize #16 – Cold Hard Cash (actually it’ll probably be a check) – but either way it’s $40,900 before taxes. Congrats, Paul!

Here’s how to play: 

  1. Take note of the Master Prize List further down on this page. (save this page to your bookmarks!)
  2. Listen every weekday between 6am – 7pm for the “Eliminator” sounder and call us right away at 651-989-7625 or 651-989-7655
  3. The 9th caller each time has to eliminate one of the prizes remaining on the master list… (choose wisely!)
  4. If caller 9 is successful, they win $100 and also qualify to win the last grand prize standing at the end of the contest!

Once 91 of the 92 prizes on the list are eliminated, all 91 daily winners will be in the running to win that last remaining grand prize… BUT, you must be listening to win it!  On March 24th, be listening for your name to be read during the KQ Morning Show sometime between 7am – 9am.  If your name is read on-air, then you have 9 minutes to call us at 651-989-7625 or 651-989-7855 in order to be declared the Grand Prize Winner of the 92 KQRS $50,000 Eliminator contest!

Here’s a Tip: Follow along with our master prize list on this page. We’ll be updating the list after each prize gets eliminated until we’re down to the last one! Download a copy of the master prize list and keep track of which prizes have been eliminated.

Contest Rules

Download a blank copy of the master prize list here and keep track of which prizes have been eliminated each day and crossed off the list. (We update this list after each prize has been eliminated. Eliminated prizes are crossed out in red)

Prizes Eliminated


Prizes Remaining


1) Air Raid – A five-hour party on a private plane. (Eliminated 2/26 by Brian D. of St. Paul)

2) ArKeg – Arcade video game console with kegerator attached because if you can, you should. (Eliminated 3/10 by Chris Z. of Red Wing)

3) Baghdad, Bob – A month-long trip for two to Baghdad. Yes, that Baghdad. (Eliminated 2/26 by Larry C. of Andover)

4) BBQ Boat – Host a BBQ on your own boat with built-in grilling materials. (Eliminated 3/15 by Marcus M. of Hastings)

5) Best Notepad Ever– Skywriter for up to 20 messages. It’ll be impossible to forget the dish detergent. (Eliminated 3/4 by Rich C. of Maple Grove)

6) Binge Watching – Samsung UN85S9 television and we’ll throw a party at your place to watch the first Vikes game next season. (Eliminated 3/11 by Linda. D of Lakeville)

7) Born To Be Mild– 10 Pelotons, Leather Vests, and a smoothie bar to start your own Peloton biker gang. (Eliminated 3/5 by Tanya R. of Apple Valley)

8) Burn the Money – 32,000 Bic lighters. (Eliminated 2/25 by Melissa P. of Bloomington)

9) Candle in the Wind – 80 Mottahedeh candles. (We can’t believe we found candles that cost this much.) (Eliminated 3/5 by Michelle S. of Randolph)

10) Cartoonish – A professional animation studio will animate and produce a day of your life. We hope it’s the day you’re fun. (Eliminated 3/2 by Lelei C. of Coon Rapids)

11) Coffee Nerd – A private barista to prepare coffee for you every day for 5 years.  (Eliminated 2/26 by Bob H. of Inver Grove Heights)

12) Courtside – An entire row of seats courtside for a Timberwolves home game. At this rate, we could probably arrange for you to start at forward, but let’s keep it to the tickets for now. (Eliminated 3/8 by Ryan P. of South St. Paul)

13) Crash Pad– A furnished downtown Minneapolis apartment for 18 months. Side action not provided. (Eliminated 3/1 by Patrick S. of St. Paul Park)

14) Deez Nutz– Two lifetime supplies of nuts from the most expensive nut place we can find. (Eliminated 3/1 by Doug D. of Blaine)

15) Drive-In… In– A drive-in movie theater built on your property. (Eliminated 3/4 by Bart M. of Norwood)

16) Duh, Cold Hard Cash (actually it’ll probably be a check) – $40,900 before taxes. (Congrats to Paul G. of Shakopee – our Grand Prize winner! Paul qualified for the grand prize drawing on 3/18 when he Eliminated #78 Tour de Minnesota)

17) El Dinner Party– Trip for 4 to Spain with catered dinner party at Mugaritz, one of the world’s most expensive and unique restaurants. (Eliminated 3/9 by Allie L. of Eau Claire, WI)

18) Everyone on Time – 15 Tag Heuer connected watches. (Eliminated 3/9 by Gary R. of Farmington)

19) Feelin’ Lucky?– A $40,000 bet on 16 black in roulette. (Eliminated 3/1 by Sarah N. of Eagan)

20) Festival Fest – Tickets and hotel for every music festival in the world for a year. This can be pushed a year in case the world is still stupid. (Eliminated 3/19 by Jill P. of South St. Paul)

21) Freezer Fill – 5 years’ worth of groceries. 3 years if you like a lot of junk food. (Eliminated 3/16 by Jamess K. of Henderson)

22) Frozen Fish – Ice fishing cabin, brand new fishing equipment, packing materials and obviously, BEER. (Eliminated 3/10 by Adam F. of Farmington)

23) Full of It – Bull riding lessons and a trip to Spain for Running of the Bulls. (Eliminated 3/10 by Sharon M. of Eagle Bend)

24) Gaming the System(s)– Every video game and every game system available. (Eliminated 3/8 by Todd Y. of Big Lake)

25) Gather No Moss – Follow the Rolling Stones in North America for a year. (Eliminated 3/17 by Bonnie D. of Blaine)

26) Get to Da Choppa – A one year lease on a helicopter. And a book titled “How to Fly A Helicopter” cause that’s probably all you need. (Eliminated 3/5 by John C. of Circle Pines)

27) Gnome Depot– 20 giant garden gnomes. Admittedly, this is more about the name of the prize than the prize itself. But… GNOME DEPOT!!! (Eliminated 3/2 by Jane R. of St. Paul)

28) Go Wild – A Minnesota Wild hockey package including a suite, the left and right side of the menu, and bar tab, and limo to get you home for half a season. (Eliminated 3/19 by John K. of St. Paul)

29) Hamilton at Home– A full production of Hamilton the Musical in your home. HOMELTON! (Eliminated 3/4 by Jared V. of Shakopee)

30) Happy Valentine– Fill an entire room floor to ceiling with roses and another room for… you know. (Eliminated 2/25 by Mary B. of Shakopee)

31) Hard Knocks – Tuition to stuntman school and a box of Band-Aids. (Eliminated 3/5 by Karl S. of Elk River)

32) Hey Santa– A trip for two to the North Pole and a dogsled tour. (Eliminated 3/8 by Steven V. of Shakopee)

33) Home, Jeeves – A personal chauffeur for a year. (Eliminated 3/11 by Laura N. of Burnsville)

34) Home on the Grange – Full set of every Grainger tool available. Do you really need 18 different kinds of drill? You bet your ass you do! (Eliminated 3/15 by Steve L. of Becker)

35) Hover Me– A personal hovercraft. (Eliminated 3/10 by Gregg P. of Blaine)

36) I Have an Idea– 20,000 light bulbs. (Eliminated 2/26 by Brian S. of Spring Lake Park)

37) I’m Batman– Full Batman and Robin armor, gadgets and one year of Batcave rent. (Eliminated 3/3 by Karin K. of Anoka)

38) In Your Own World – 8 Insta360 VR cameras. Then you can be your own reality show! (Eliminated 3/15 by Gloria M. of Lakeville)

39) Inner Child– A state of the art tree house. We’re talkin’ elevator-type perks. (Eliminated 3/8 by Kerri H. of Apply Valley)

40) iPhone for Life – A new iPhone with every release for the next 35 years. (Eliminated 3/17 by Chris K. of New Hope)

41) Just Eliminate This– $40,000… Canadian. (Eliminated 3/5 by Shawn A. of Mound)

42) Knight Time – A month’s rent in an English castle. Probably not Jimmy Page’s castle but we’ll try to get to close. (Eliminated 3/15 by Matt K. of Stillwater)

43) Knots Out– A massage every day for two years. Three years if you only want them on weekdays.  (Eliminated 3/16 by Roxanne M. of Little Falls)

44) Lambo Bro– A one year lease on an “douchebag yellow” Lamborghini. (Eliminated 3/3 by Paul M. of Oakdale)

45) LAZY Coffee Nerd – A $40,000 Starbucks Gift Card. (Eliminated by 3/12 by Linda C. of Apple Valley)

46) Life Sentence – An engagement ring worth $40K. (or a $10,000 ring and $30,000 for counseling). (Eliminated 3/18 by Marshall D. of Waconia)

47) Lucky Eaters – We’ll pick up the tab in your name at an expensive restaurant for an entire day. (Eliminated 3/11 by Tom S. of St. Anthony)

48) Mac Fam – Every available Apple product for 4 people. (Eliminated 2/26 by Kelli L. of Richfield)

49) Man on the Moon– We’ll purchase land on the moon and it’ll be ALL yours! (transportation not included) (Eliminated 3/2 by Bernadette M. of Stillwater)

50) Mud Bath – A trip for two to a South American volcano. (Eliminated 3/12 by Jim W. of Columbia Heights)

51) NASCAR for One – Home auto racing simulator. (Eliminated 3/3 by Christine B. of Edina)

52) New Neighbors– We’ll move your current house to a better neighborhood. (Eliminated 2/25 by Shelley D. of Shakopee)

53) Nice Melt– 40 custom ice sculptures. (Eliminated 2/25 by Bailey H. of Blaine)

54) Office Space – A piranha sublimation printer, a baseball bat and your imagination. (Eliminated 3/15 by Mark K. of Richfield)

55) Personal Pipeline – Gasoline for 20 years. (Eliminated 3/22 by Greg M. of Rockford)

56) Pool Shark – Barokko Billiard table. We’ll even come over to play! (Eliminated 3/17 by Julie K. of Lino Lakes)

57) Previously Loved – 20 used cars. We figure each one will last a few months, so that should get you through a couple years at least. (Eliminated 3/1 by Karen R. of Lakeville)

58) Relax! – 4 Zarifa G massage chairs. (Eliminated 3/12 by Todd B. of Rosemount)

59) Ride the Wave – Surf trip to Hawaii with boards, lessons, lodging. (Eliminated 3/22 by Jim M. of Maple Grove)

60) Round the World – A cruise for two around the world. If you can’t take the time off for this, quit. (Eliminated 3/23 by Scott S. of St. Paul)

61) Running Man – A treadmill, running gear, expensive sneakers, entry to as many marathons as we can find. (Eliminated 3/12 by Brian G. of Eagan)

62) Say Cheese – Professional photo booth and a platter of cheese. (Eliminated 3/2 by Lynn A. of Shakopee)

63) Sensing a Theme – Admission for two, lodging for every theme park in America. You’ll puke. But in a fun way. (Eliminated 3/17 by Mike R. of Blaine)

64) Sharknado – 2 pet sharks and a cage. Ocean not provided. Limb replacement also not provided. (Eliminated 3/4 by Cindy M. of Delano)

65) Skol! – Season tickets to Vikings home games for 10 years. Odds are they’ll be successful at least ONE of those years, right? (Eliminated 3/19 by Vicki P. of St. Francis)

66) Skol on the Road – 8 trips to Viking road games including hotel, meals, tickets. (Eliminated 3/22 by Bradley K. of Farmington)

67) Slice – Full set of Honma 5 Star golf clubs, and the cheapest balls we could find because the clubs make all the difference. (Eliminated 3/16 by Lisa J. of Lakeville)

68) Sunblock A pair of Bulgari sunglasses and a person to ask “are those Bulgaris?” in front of people. (Eliminated 3/17 by Bryan K. of Farmington)

69) Super Baller– Whether the Vikings make it or not, you’ll go to the next super bowl, throw a party and head to the game with 4 of your friends. Or us. We like football too. (Eliminated 3/2 by Kevin S. of Shoreview)

70) Swim for It! – A hidden swimming pool with secret cover. It looks like your driveway but it’s a pool and it’s awesome. (Eliminated 3/19 by Julie B. of Roberts, WI)

71) Tattoo You – A Japanese body tattoo. In Japan. (Eliminated 3/11 by Coreen P. of Champlin)

72) The Chair Up There – 10 personalized lifeguard chairs. (Eliminated 2/25 by Raquel W. of Maple Plain)

73) The King’s Throne – Bathroom conversion to all available smart tech. (Eliminated 3/11 by Dave M. of Cottage Grove)

74) The Mighty Ducks – Start a hockey team full of Twin Cities kids and load them up with uniforms, equipment and tournament entries. You can coach them or hire Gordon Bombay. Change your name to Ducksworth, whatever you want. (Eliminated 3/16 by Joe H. of Hudson)

75) The Office– 3 months’ rent at an office park in Scranton, PA. You can hire a manager and make yourself assistant to the regional manager. (Eliminated 3/8 by Joel S. of Eagan)

76) The Outdoorsman – Canoes, camper, roof rack, sleeping material, grill, month worth of food. (Eliminated 3/16 by Brad Z. of Eden Prairie)

77) The Van Hagar– A month at Sammy Hagar’s Cabo resort. (Eliminated 3/9 by Dan K. of Hutchinson)

78) Tour de Minnesota – 2 Colnago bicycles and lodging as you bike trek throughout Minnesota. (Eliminated 3/18 by Paul G. of Shakopee)

79) Tron – A street legal motorcycle like the one from the film Tron. (Eliminated 3/18 by Lisa K. of Farmington)

80) Twinning – Season tickets for you and a set of twins, who we will hire to accompany you to each home game. That’s gonna look weird but so awesome. (Eliminated 3/10 by Jason J. of Farmington)

81) Veg Head– Lifetime membership to Gardyn. We presume this will be eliminated before we even finish typ… (Eliminated 3/3 by Marilyn K. of Apple Valley)

82) Well Done Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Hybrid Grill and a year’s worth of steaks. (Eliminated 3/18 by Chris M. of Maplewood)

83) What Happens in Vegas – A week in Vegas for two. (You might need to call this a DAY in Vegas, let’s be honest). (Eliminated 3/22 by Lynn W. of Inver Grove Heights)

84) Which is Which?– A $25,000 bet on pigeon #8 in a Turkish pigeon race. We’ll send you to see for yourself. (Eliminated 3/3 by Todd J. of Zimmerman)

85) Whoa MOA – A day-long shopping spree at Mall of America. (Eliminated 3/19 by by Tom M. of Isanti)

86) Wind in Your Hair, Bugs in Your Teeth – 4 Motorcycles and if need be, riding lessons. (Eliminated 3/18 by Julie P. of St. Michael)

87) Wise Investment – We’ll drop 40k into your 401k. (Eliminated 3/22 by Angie S. of Savage)

88) Woke Vampire– Sleep Pod with soft music and water massager. “I want to suck your blood but I’m just way too chill right now.” (Eliminated 3/4 by Amy W. of Cottage Grove)

89) Worst Avenue– Startup costs for you to open a new music venue. (Eliminated 3/9 by Nancy S. of St. Michael)

90) You’ll be Missed – BASE jumping from Angel Falls, Eiffel Tower, Table Mountain, etc. (Eliminated 3/12 by Terri B. of Chanhassen)

91) You’re Safari Way– A safari for 4 in East Africa. (Eliminated 3/9 by Jeff W. of Lake Elmo)

92) Your Album – Recording reservations at the legendary Sound City Studios in Los Angeles. So what if you’ve never played an instrument in your life. (Eliminated 3/1 by Rob B. of Zimmerman)

Download a copy of the master prize list and keep track of which prizes have been eliminated.

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