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Category Archives: Tony’s Original Bits

Just Get Wide Open

Something lit a fire in the Vikings’ camp. Kirk and the Purple have tapped into…the power of Creed!

“Humane Farms”

Do the right thing this Thanksgiving, with a bird from Humane Farms

“A Hunted Deer’s Lament”

The Deer Hunting Season, Firearms, is set for this weekend – for hunters, it’s deep in tradition, but others may not be all that excited about it…

Eggo Nog Waffles

Eggo Waffles teamed up with a Tennessee distillery to offer 40-proof “Eggo Nog,” so you can booze it up over breakfast!

Barney the Dinosaur Says Buh-Bye to Dahmer

There’s a new documentary about how much hate was generated by Barney the Dinosaur. That, coupled with the Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, inspired this.

Hassidic Riddick

This weekend marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holidays, as well as the release of a new Vin Diesel movie.

“I’ve Been to the Fair”

Wrapping up another year at the Great-Minnesota-Get-Together, here are some of the sights you might’ve seen.


The Great Minnesota Get Together is up and running. Here’s a TonyTune as an appetizer.