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Category Archives: Tony’s Original Bits

The New IcyHot Penis Patch!

After news of the Olympic cross-country skier’s frozen digit ordeal went viral, the people at IcyHot introduced a new patch for a very specific area.

Made for Each Other

Love is in the air, Valentine’s Day is coming up fast.

Wondering where to spend your romantic evening? How ’bout the place where you first met.

Rosetta Stone for Football

The big game is here! Are you ready?
Maybe you’re headed to a party, but maybe you’re not ready.

McDonaldskis in Russia

Geo-political issues are being debated, President Biden is sending warnings, and tensions are rising.
With the possible invasion of Ukraine at any moment, we remember when the biggest story out of Russia was when they opened their first McDonald’s.

Hey Hey Bye Bye Spotify

Neil Young is now offering his fans a free limited subscription to Amazon Music, just days after pulling his music from Spotify, over his complaint that Joe Rogan was a spreader of misinformation, leading to a TonyTune.

Nippleless Nicholas

A kid accepted a dare to spray 2 full cans of Axe Body Spray onto his chest. His nipples froze and fell off, and the incident led to a new TV show!

The Ebola Polka

Over one-hundred pounds of meat was seized at MSP. Bushmeat is raw & unprocessed, and comes from animals like bats, primates and rats, and can cause sickness like the Ebola virus. Isn’t that a reason to polka?

I Crashed My Lexus in Frozen Texas

Winter storms are bringing the cold to Minnesota, stranding drivers in Virginia, and reminding us about when snow brought havoc last year and hit Texas hard.

Humane Farms for the Holidays

If you’re serving up a Christmas bird, we encourage you to be respectful and enlightened and choose this alternative…