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Pope Francis extended his apologies for the church’s treatment of Indigenous people. It was then followed by another apology.

Continental Cursing

A recent study says that cursing in the workplace is acceptable and even encouraged. Here’s how to do it tastefully.

Your Dad is a Joke

We want to wish all the pops, fathers and daddy-o’s a terrific day on Sunday from all of us on the KQ Morning Show.

Coke Alternative

Maybe you want to cut down on your soda consumption. Thanks to TikTok, you can raise your glass to a new alternative to Coke.

Johnny Cash Pees on His Hometown

The birthplace of Johnny Cash has a water tower with his likeness on it. Somebody took a shot at that water tower. It hit right where it counts, and sprung a leak, inspiring a spot inviting people to come on down to Kingsland, Arkansas for a visit.

Maskless Magazine

The mandate has been lifted. Masks have affected everything we do; even how we look at some forms of entertainment.

Fargo Ink

The lower back tattoo, or the “Tramp Stamp,” has made a comeback. And so have many reality shows that deal with the tattoo industry.

Public Urination

We celebrated St. Patty’s Day with help from this charming Irish drinkin’ song.

The Flight of the Drunken Pilots

A pilot was removed from the cockpit of a Jet Blue flight, as his blood-alcohol-content was four times the legal limit, so naturally we present “The Flight of The Drunken Pilots”