Announcing 2024 KQ’s Father of the Year Winner!

Announcing 2024 KQ’s Father of the Year Winner!

Don’t you think your dad is just a little better than the rest? So do we… That’s why we want to crown one dad as KQ’s Father of the Year!

Thanks for sending in your nominations! It wasn’t easy, but after reading all of your submissions we finally narrowed it down to the 5 finalists below. Voting is now closed, and our winner has been announced but you can still read about each of these awesome dads who were in the running for this year’s crown of Father of the Year.

Congrats to Jim Siewert who was voted as our 2024 KQ Father of the Year! Jim was nominated by his son Jonah and you can read his nomination story below. Jim takes home a sweet Father’s Day Prize Pack which includes a brand new grill – courtesy of Frattallone’s Hardware & Garden, and a $500 gift card to!

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Jim Siewert

Lake City | Nominated by Jonah Siewert

“He has done it all in our family. As a single father, he never missed a sporting event for me or my two brothers while the 3 of us were in school, and he makes sure to help out however he can. He has hosted all sorts of things like the Governor’s Fishing Opener and the Schneider Memorial Fishing Tournament. In addition, he serves as a school board member and mentor to many youths and people in the community.”

Scott Halbach

Anoka | Nominated by Hannah Halbach

“My dad made the decision to be a stay at home dad when I was an infant and my older sister was 2. He has cerebral palsey, but that never let anything stop him. He raised me and my older sister and little sister “single handedly”, without complaint. He dutifully delivered his children to and from school activities, makes food, and makes us laugh so hard we nearly pee our pants. He’s also a wonderful husband. She hasn’t had to get gas since they were married because he takes care of it for her.”

Dave McDevitt

Burnsville | Nominated by Keegan McDevitt

“My dad is a teacher at Burnsville High School, and is one of the coolest people I have ever met. He has an incredible knowledge of dad jokes. He can talk to anyone and is an amazing teacher. When he isn’t teaching, he coaches football and plays in two bands. One of his bands plays at a fundraiser called Class Acts, which provides over $10k in scholarships every year for Burnsville High School students.”

Jay Otte

Randolph | Nominated by Scott Otte

“My dad has worked hard for his family my whole life. His days on our family dairy farm begin at 4:00 am, seven days a week, and have for as long as I can remember. The long days have never stopped him from being at every sporting event we had growing up, and all of his grandchildren’s events now. He has taught me the meaning of hard work, and having passion and pride in what you do. Family has always come first for him, and with the passing of his mother last week, I’ve seen him value family even more than ever.”

Shorty Schroht

Owatonna | Nominated by Danielle Smith

“My dad is the absolute best. Hands down, he’s the most loyal and hardest-working person I know, which is why he deserves Father of the Year every day. Everyone in town knows him because of his dedication. He juggles work at the golf course, for the city, and his own lawn business, all while readily lending a hand in the community. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for someone in need. Whether it’s giving the shirt off his back, helping you move countless times, answering the phone at 3 am, or loaning you anything you need, he puts your needs before his own. Dad, you’re the most incredible person I know, and I love you!”

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