Roger Waters Re-Records Dark Side of the Moon

Roger Waters Re-Records Dark Side of the Moon
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Roger Waters has completely re-recorded Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon without his former bandmates’ involvement, or knowledge.

The recording features reimagined versions of the original’s tracks, featuring spoken-word poetry over the original album’s instrumental tracks. The new tracks include ‘Breathe’ as an acoustic epic, and “Money” with a country vibe.

Waters explained to The Telegraph:

“I wrote The Dark Side of the Moon. Let’s get rid of all this ‘we’ crap! Of course we were a band, there were four of us, we all contributed, but it’s my project and I wrote it. So, blah!”

Waters also took some digs at his ex-bandmates saying:

“[David] Gilmour and Rick [Wright]? They can’t write songs, they’ve nothing to say. They are not artists. They have no ideas, not a single one between them. They never have had, and that drives them crazy.”

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