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2019 New Album Wish List

2019 New Album Wish List

It’s probably best to be real here. These are albums that have previously (in most cases) been rumored to be in the works.

Obviously, it would be stellar to have a new Journey album with Steve Perry on lead vocals since he released a strong comeback album this year. (His first solo album in 24 years!) It doesn’t seem likely; but then again, who could have guessed that Axl, Slash & Duff would be touring together and getting along?

With the 2019 tour rumors for a full 1984-era reunion of Van Halen, maybe we’ll also get a new studio album! (UPDATE: Michael Anthony hasn’t spoken to VH members in years)

Moving forward: here are some albums we hope to see in 2019.

#5 Cheap Trick

We’ll kick it off with the safest bet. It seems likely that Cheap Trick will release a new album in 2019.

We didn’t have to go too far out on that limb, since Rick Nielsen revealed in August 2018 that Zander’s vocals were complete, and he (Nielsen) just needed to record a few guitar solos.

Not including 2017’s Christmas Christmas, nor 2009’s Sgt. Pepper Live, Cheap Trick have released 4 studio albums in the past 12 years, and they’re all worth your time. 2006’s Rockford could very well be the best album they’ve released since 1979’s Dream Police. Each album since the spectacular Rockford has been solid, or at the very least, better-than-good.

#4 Bruce Springsteen

One of the most divisive artists we play on KQ. It’s rare to hear someone say they think the Boss is “okay”, and those that love him, LOVE him. A fellow employee here at the Q loves him so much, he flew out to Broadway to catch Bruce’s acclaimed one-man show, Springsteen on Broadway.

Springsteen generally releases consistently good to great albums either with the E Street Band or in the “singer/songwriter” vein as a solo artist.

Well, with rumors of a 2019 E Street Band tour being squashed by The Boss, here’s hoping he does move forward with releasing a new solo album.

#3 Fleetwood Mac

There have been countless lineup changes during Fleetwood Mac’s tenure as a band. The most successful albums came from the lineup which included Lindsey Buckingham. Take a look. The albums they recorded after Buckingham left the first time, were not good and they tanked.

However, with Fleetwood Mac’s current lineup being open to writing new music, it could end up exceeding expectations with Mike Campbell on lead guitar and Neil Finn of Crowded House on co-lead vocals.

After all, KQ Morning Show’s Candice Wheeler has seen Fleetwood Mac a handful of times, and has said that their most recent show with the new lineup is the best she’s ever seen from them.

#2 Guns N' Roses

It looks like a new album from the (about-as-close-as-we’re-going-to-get) classic lineup from GNR could become a reality.

Axl, Slash & Duff haven’t put out an album of original songs since Use Your Illusion I & II in 1991. 17 years later, Axl’s new version of GNR released Chinese Democracy. It was not a bad collection of songs, but the legend behind the album (nearly 2 decades of only knowing the album would be called Chinese Democracy, several lineup changes, re-recording the entire album, a recording budget of $13 million) is more memorable than the songs.

Slash has admitted that Chinese Democracy had great songs, and he really enjoyed playing them and making them his own during the Not In This Lifetime Tour.

It would seem that the members are open to the possibility of recording another album together. Guitarist Richard Fortus recently revealed that a new album is coming “faster than you think“! We’d love it if it happened. Especially, if that means another tour!

#1 AC/DC

Back in August, rumors started circulating that Brian Johnson & Phil Rudd were back with AC/DC and that the group was in Vancouver recording a new album. They’ve recorded their last three studio albums at Warehouse Studios in Vancouver.

There are also photos that were snapped to go along with this rumor.

However: there was a lot of buzz about the reunion for a couple days in early August 2018, and nothing since. So, maybe it’s a hoax. But we’re holding out hope that Johnson is back, and a new AC/DC album is on its way!