LOST CLASSIC: Stolen Prayer (written by & feat. Chris Cornell)

LOST CLASSIC: Stolen Prayer (written by & feat. Chris Cornell)

Today is the day that Chris Cornell will be laid to rest in Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Alice Cooper weighed in with a tribute of his own after hearing of Cornell’s passing just over a week ago.

Chris Cornell, in our circle, was known as ‘The Voice’ because he had the best voice in rock and roll

It’s hard to argue with Alice. From the amazing metal/rock vocal Cornell laid down on “Slaves & Bulldozers” (from the classic 1991 Soundgarden album Badmotorfinger) to sweet ballads like “Preaching the End of the World” (from 1999’s Euphoria Mourning. Cornell’s debut solo album).

In the mid-nineties, Chris Cornell wrote a few songs specifically for Ozzy Osbourne. Two of which, ended up going to Alice Cooper for his The Last Temptation album; “Unholy War” and “Stolen Prayer”.

As Cornell is laid to rest, we revisit “Stolen Prayer”. Written by Chris Cornell and featuring his sweet yet powerful background vocals.