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The Offspring

The Offspring

There aren’t many musical offspring with bigger shoes to fill than the Beatle children.

Possibly Jakob Dylan. But he’s likely at a point in his career where an album review could be written without mentioning “son of Bob Dylan” or even referring to the “elder Dylan” or even “Dylan Sr.”

But those Beatle children will always be compared to their famous fathers.

Some of them have fallen right in line with what their Beatle father was doing musically (James McCartney, Julian Lennon) whereas Dhani Harrison’s thenewno2 project and Sean Lennon’s Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger are far more adventurous.

Zak Starkey is just doing his thing behind the kit. He’s a former (and likely to be a returning) member of a band who aspired to be the Beatles (nice try, Oasis) but more importantly, he’s played drums on albums for Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, Johnny Marr, The Who, and his father, Ringo Starr.

A couple years ago, James McCartney tried unsuccessfully to generate interest among Zak, Sean, and Dhani into forming The New Beatles. With that name, the project would have been doomed from the beginning. They would have been better off calling themselves The Offspring, but sadly, that one’s in use.

You can sample each of the Beatle children’s music below.

Dhani Harrison:

Julian Lennon:

Sean Lennon:

James McCartney:

Zak Starkey:

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