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Tom Strunge

Tom Strunge


Princeton, MN



Tom Strunge served in the Marine Corps from 1988-1992. In October 1989, he was in Operation Just Cause to assist in the ousting of then President Noriega of Panama. During this time, they invaded Noriega’s home and the “items” they got to see were quite impressive and scary.

In August 1990 he was transferred onto the USS Pensacola for Operation Desert Shield.

Today Tom is a member of the American Legion and a new organization called Hometown Hero Outdoors, a charitable non-profit that provides military veterans with outdoor opportunities to assist in healing and building healthy relationships within the community. Tom and his wife Darlene also participate in activities such as ATV rides to raise money for this organization.

Tom’s Playlist
Van Halen – Panama
The Babys – Everytime I Think of You
Queen – Break Free
John Waite – Change
Bruce Springsteen – For You