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Weiland’s Tributes to Lennon

Whether it’s murder by a crazed fan, as was the case for John Lennon, or as the result of a life of hard drugs and alcohol and the inability to overcome those demons like Scott Weiland; it’s always tragic for a life to be cut short.

Certainly, Scott Weiland wasn’t the trailblazing musician that John Lennon was, but there are small comparisons to be made. They both started making music as teenagers. They were both born in October, and died in December, while in their 40s (Lennon, it should be said, was only 2 months into his 40s).

Like we said, they are very small comparisons, but Scott Weiland was most certainly a John Lennon fan.

In the mid-90s, his short-lived side project, The Magnificent Bastards, recorded a blistering cover of “How Do You Sleep?” for Working Class Hero: a tribute to john lennon.

Weiland would go on to cover The Beatles’ “Revolution” during the 2001 concert Come Together: A Night for John Lennon’s Words and Music.

These covers aren’t rearranged and made better than the original like Joe Cocker’s cover of “With a Little Help From My Friends”. They’re just good covers that remain relatively faithful to the originals.

RIP John.
RIP Scott.