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The Truth Hurts For a Hippie Who Meets His Idol

Tom Barnard has stated before that you shouldn’t meet your idols, because you’ll be disappointed every time.

That’s most certainly what the hippie in this video from Imagine: John Lennon is feeling.


No question about it.

You can see the excitement drain from his face as Lennon tells him that the songs the hippie clearly does hold so dear were written & sung by McCARTNEY, or that certain lyrics were just nonsense word-play.

The saddest moment of all comes when the hippie protests:

“You weren’t thinking of anyone in particular when you were singing all that?”

His whole world appears to crumble when Lennon replies there’s no way he could have had him in mind that and his songs are generally about himself or Yoko.

Sure, we can all relate to songs from our favorite singers and find our own meaning in their words.  It’s comforting to know/think they can relate to our heartache and our experiences…

…but most of us are not delusional enough to think that our favorite singers are singing about us.