‘Rumours’ by Fleetwood Mac

In celebration of KQ’s 1977 Class Reunion Weekend that kicked off today, not to mention the incredible concert that enchanted a sold out crowd last Friday night at the Xcel, I’ve decided to jump back with my weekly album flashbacks — starting with the one that turned me into a true believer of music therapy: Fleetwood Mac’s golden child, Rumours.

If you’ve ever been sad, confused or down right pissed off in a relationship, you’ve related to the words and melodies strung together by one of the most up-front bands of all time, Fleetwood Mac. Anybody can sing a love song, but the songs that make up Rumours are not just songs to these people – they are their lives, and it’s no accident  they’re so personal. Brutal honesty is Fleetwood’s  appeal. It’s a fearless approach that uses music to  resolve, or at least accept, the situations life often complicates.

No matter what you’re going through, you should be able to find something you dig about Rumours. It’s an album that has it all; everything you may have experienced in a not so perfect relationship. There’s The Chain: the you dont love me song. Never Going Back Again: the I cant shake you song. Go Your Own Way: the Im finally moving on song. Silver Springs: the youll never forget me song. And finally the most important one of them all, Second Hand News: the screw it all – I just want to have fun and dance song. It’s a wicked collection of tunes that doesn’t make you want to curl up in a ball and feel sorry for yourself. Instead they make you want to rebel and come out on top. It amazes me that these songs are so deep and emotional yet they don’t seem to ignite any sort of sadness.

Rumours is so much their own, the Mac plays almost the entire album at each of their concerts. Each song has a history that links to the next, and the overall connectivity that molds them as a band, and as a family no doubt, was proven unbreakable on stage. Those in the audience included everyone from young fans to groups of reunited best friends who saw them at the Met Center back in 1978. Everything about this show was magic, and it was clear that the band had gotten stronger since their first performance this tour at the Target Center. It really is extraordinary that they look and sound as good as they do.

If you’ve ever been sad, confused or down right pissed off in a relationship, you’ve related to the words and melodies strung together by one of the most up-front bands of all time, Fleetwood Mac.

My rock and roll soul sister Alicia and I splurged for floor seat tickets for this show, something I was at first hesitant about. She convinced me that this concert was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and that we would never forget being up that close. In the end it was probably one of the best life decisions we’ve made thus far. She was right, and I believe every concert fanatic should be able to experience that feeling at least once in their lifetime.

‘Rumours’ by Fleetwood Mac

We dressed in our best Stevie Nicks attire to honor the night. Mine was brought to life by Marguerite, my different type of mama, who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know through working at KQ. Her husband actually made the feathered hat for her when she dressed as Stevie at our Sexiest Costume Contest at Treasure Island last year. The girl’s got style, and I’m lucky to have her direction.

The first thing I saw at the Xcel was another fabulous Stevie look-a-like flagging me down for a photo. He was workin’ a top hat, sparkly shoes and a coat he designed himself. The gypsy vibe was in the air and my adrenaline sent me through the roof once I heard Stevie’s voice on stage. Every time I hear her I want to sing by her side and engage in the retelling of my own personal experience with a deep love — something only the full capacity of my voice could illustrate. Hearing her sing DreamsRhiannonGold Dust Woman and our anthem for the night, Gypsy, was a magical dream.

Fleetwood’s set list hasn’t changed much over the years, but everything was amplified this time around with Christine McVie’s presence. The void and emptiness that was so obvious before was suddenly second hand news, as the classic harmony was now complete, especially during Dont Stop and World Turning. Alicia and I were freaking out during You Make Lovin FunLittle Lies, Say You Love Me and of course, the intensely angelic Songbird. Even though I stood strong in my Stevie role, I respectively took my top hat off during Christine’s moments, and quickly became focused on her story.

Don’t tell Ozzy this, but I think I did more head-banging at this concert than I did at Black Sabbath! I never thought I would go so crazy for Fleetwood Mac, but it makes sense that Mick Fleetwood’s psychedelic drum solo took hold of me. He has the most intoxicating smile I have ever seen, and I’m grateful that he pushed through the entire set even though he wasn’t feeling well. You’re the best, Mickey Mick!

I can’t forget to give a shy shout-out to my man Lindsay Buckingham for making me bite my lip once or twice throughout the show. I’ll admit that I was stuck in Stevie’s world at times, like when I pretty much shamed him during Silver Springs. I just want you to know, Lindsay, it wasn’t about you. After all, my story is different than Stevie’s… I have my own muse I’m shouting out to.

Rumours has truly affected me and will continue to stay with me through my learning years. I want to thank Fleetwood Mac for singing their hearts out at a time I needed it the most. I have never been so emotionally attached to a set of words, and at the same time, so at ease with its complimenting rhythm. What I appreciate most about this band is their unity. Each member’s honestly and courageous sense of self-identify presents itself most strongly during their live performances, and I think it’s clear they have much more to say together.

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