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Honoring Jon Pilger

Honoring Jon Pilger

Steve Pilger writes- “As a longtime KQ Morning Show listener and proud father of a US military member, I greatly appreciate your salute to service. My son, Lt. Jon Pilger, is a graduate of Northfield High School and North Dakota State University. He’s currently a United States Air Force flight nurse assigned to the 18th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron at Kadena Air Base, in Okinawa, Japan.

Jon and four crew mates recently deployed to Afghanistan to treat and transport wounded, injured and sick military personnel in the region. My family’s concern for his safety is only surpassed by our love for him and appreciation for what all US service members do each and every day. The quality and character of those who serve our country, past and present, is unbelievable.

Thanks again for highlighting our heroes. Rock on KQ, and I will continue to listen”.
Signed, Steve Pilger
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