Honoring Carl Jahn of Rochester

Honoring Carl Jahn of Rochester

I would like to honor my Grandfather, Carl Jahn [pronounced same as John], out of Rochester, MN. He served in the United States Army from 1944-1946 and entered the European Theater shortly after basic training in March of 1945. He was in the 11th armored division tank battalion and was instrumental in holding the Bridge at Remagan and continuing the push of Nazi Germany back across the River Rhine.

In May of 2011, he went on the Honor Flight out of Rochester MN to Washington DC to get a tour of the National World War II Memorial. We were all so proud to give him and all the veterans that were on the honor flight the long overdue cheering thank you at the gate for their proud returned. I can’t even begin to imagine how much it meant to the veterans who may not have been thanked upon their return from service.

He passed away on Sunday evening (Nov. 1st) at the age of 89, and we lay him to rest on Thursday. I just wanted to get a thank you out to all the World War II veterans, and especially my Grandfather for everything he’s done; he will be greatly missed.

Thank you guys for doing this, I’m a relatively new listener to the KQ Morning Show over the past year, and although not a serviceman myself I really appreciate the recognition that you guys have been giving to our servicemen and woman.

Chris Albee


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