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    When did you start at KQ?
    Mid-August of 2015

    Favorite concert memory:
    Judas Priest live in Las Vegas; there was so much energy on that stage. Alice Cooper at the State Theatre is a close second. His band is incredibly tight, and the venue was perfect for his theatrics.

    Random celebrity moment:
    I ended up backstage at a small festival  in 2014 and met  the ladies of Vixen and guys in Kix. Later that night I was picked to be the stand-in drum tech for Sebastian Bach’s band. I loved working with (drummer) Bobby Jarzombek, and I got a high five from Sebastian as he rushed offstage after the show. What a night.

    Favorite watering hole past and present:
    I spent a decent chunk of change at The Red Carpet while I lived in St. Cloud. Lately, a local brew and live music at First Ave. / 7th St. Entry  really hits the spot.

    Favorite behind-the-scenes KQ moment?
    It’s not a single moment, but I love some of the calls I get during an overnight shift. Our listeners really are the best. I love hearing from the die-hards, the incoherent drunks, and especially those who start impromptu sing-alongs, or games of “name that tune”.

    Got any hobbies?
    Several, I like to keep busy. I enjoy writing and recording music; mainly playing guitar, but filling in on bass, drums, or vocals when needed. I’ve also thrown knives for years and occasionally cruise around on the ol’ skateboard.

    Is there something you feel strongly about? How have you helped give back to the community?
    I have a heart for victims of domestic abuse and survivors of sexual assault. I know many people who have been affected and I can’t help but care. In years past I helped lead “Take Back the Night” marches and supported women’s shelters. On a much lighter note, I’ve always had a passion for audio and achieving great sound. So occasionally I teach audio mixing basics and have given brief guest lectures for a college radio class.




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