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Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson


When did you start at KQ?
October 2004

Favorite concert memory:
Most memorable concert had to be the Metallica/Guns and Roses show at the Dome September 15th of 1992. This was shortly after James Hetfield suffered severe burns on his arm at a show in Canada so it was the only time Metallica had 5 members in the band with John Marshall on guitar. Great 2 hour set for Metallica then about a 90 minute delay before Guns N Roses took the stage and rocked it till 1 in the morning.

Random celebrity moment:
In 1991 when Super Bowl was at the Metrodome I ran into and had a chat with John Madden before the game, real nice guy. Few years later in 1995 met Tom Petty while he was on the wild flowers tour.

Favorite watering hole past and present:
Be-Bops in Blaine or Povs in Andover back in the day, today I like to grab a Cold Draft and Burger at The Tavern in Blaine.

Favorite behind-the-scenes KQ moment?
I’d been working at KQ for 3 months it was New Years Eve night and one of the interns (no names) from the other radio station in the building decided to lift her shirt and “put them on the glass” just before I cracked the mic, probably one of the worst talk brakes on the air but one of the most memorable moments I’ve had in studio A. Most of the other things we can’t mention because they are still under investigation.

Got any hobbies?
When I have time I enjoy spending the day out on the lake, I obviously love to play classic rock on the weekends but mostly I enjoy time with my family.

Is there something you feel strongly about?
Sometimes people will call and want to argue politics or religion with me, those are the top two things I never discuss with anybody, not even family because I don’t think anything good can come from discussing those two subjects.




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