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Category Archives: Rewinds

Sign, Sign, Sex on Duty

Zepp, Candice & Tony demonstrate why you should beware the open mic

Meatball Dream

Candice shares her strange dream with Zepp and Tony, which proves to be insightful

Buying Underwear

Guys – avoid buying a gift that benefits you, but not her.

What to Watch

The gang talks about what to stream, what to watch.

What a Dump

This goes exactly where it always does; bringing more poop talk, of course.

Diarrhea Chat

We’re all sick. That can only mean that it’s time for a little chat about everyone’s favorite subject.

Guy Stuck in Chimney

Zepp, Candice & Tony learn about a man who was trapped, but too embarrassed to draw attention to it

Food Sex

Zepp, Tony & Candice discuss covering their bodies with food

How to Stop a Criminal

Zepp, Tony & Candice learn that getting shot in the groin can be a crime-stopper