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Move over Duckface, there’s a new trend for taking selfies

Johnny Cash Pees on His Hometown

The birthplace of Johnny Cash has a water tower with his likeness on it. Somebody took a shot at that water tower. It hit right where it counts, and sprung a leak, inspiring a spot inviting people to come on down to Kingsland, Arkansas for a visit.

What a Mother

This Mother’s Day, don’t hold back your feelings.

Malcolm Penis Arm

In this case, being able to grow things doesn’t give you a green thumb; it’s something entirely different.

Car Repairs Can be Expensive

If something goes wrong with your car, be prepared to open your wallet. Is this surprising news?

Hrbek & Kansas City

Tom and Kent Hrbek talk about Kansas City; the good and the not so good.

Maskless Magazine

The mandate has been lifted. Masks have affected everything we do; even how we look at some forms of entertainment.

Does Size Matter?

Just some good old-fashioned penis chat among friends