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What Happens on Everest…

Hey adventurers! Before planning your climb, know this new ruling; what happens on Everest, no longer stays on Everest.

What Rock Stars Really Talk About

When rock stars are on tour, in the van, do they talk about drugs and groupies and trashing hotel rooms? Nope. They talk about their cool new vacuum cleaners. 

Just Get Wide Open

Something lit a fire in the Vikings’ camp. Kirk and the Purple have tapped into…the power of Creed!

Sign, Sign, Sex on Duty

Zepp, Candice & Tony demonstrate why you should beware the open mic

Meatball Dream

Candice shares her strange dream with Zepp and Tony, which proves to be insightful

Buying Underwear

Guys – avoid buying a gift that benefits you, but not her.

What to Watch

The gang talks about what to stream, what to watch.

What a Dump

This goes exactly where it always does; bringing more poop talk, of course.

Diarrhea Chat

We’re all sick. That can only mean that it’s time for a little chat about everyone’s favorite subject.