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Category Archives: Rewinds

Shut Up, Canada

Hey, other countries; mind your own business and stay in your lane

The Ebola Polka

Over one-hundred pounds of meat was seized at MSP. Bushmeat is raw & unprocessed, and comes from animals like bats, primates and rats, and can cause sickness like the Ebola virus. Isn’t that a reason to polka?

I Crashed My Lexus in Frozen Texas

Winter storms are bringing the cold to Minnesota, stranding drivers in Virginia, and reminding us about when snow brought havoc last year and hit Texas hard.

How to Get Pig Semen

Unhappy with your job? Well, you could consider this line of work…

Tom as a Dwarf

Snow White had her 7 Dwarves, which one might’ve been Tom?

Humane Farms for the Holidays

If you’re serving up a Christmas bird, we encourage you to be respectful and enlightened and choose this alternative…

A Man Named Tits

He may have died, but his name will certainly live on.

This Old Christmas Cubicle

An employee recently won an office cubicle decorating contest, inspiring a new holiday reality show.