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Category Archives: Rewinds

Barney the Dinosaur Says Buh-Bye to Dahmer

There’s a new documentary about how much hate was generated by Barney the Dinosaur. That, coupled with the Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, inspired this.

Tom Was Robbed on Halloween

Aaaar! A pirate robbed a young Tommy on Halloween, brandishing a weapon. Guess what it was.

Hassidic Riddick

This weekend marks the beginning of the Jewish High Holidays, as well as the release of a new Vin Diesel movie.

NyQuil Chicken

Most of us flagged this idea, another gem from TikTok, as an obvious “no”.

Relax by the Water

Don’t trust your brother to help you with anything.

The Big Ape Giveaway

Tom has worked all over the place. Some radio station’s promotions don’t go as planned.

“I’ve Been to the Fair”

Wrapping up another year at the Great-Minnesota-Get-Together, here are some of the sights you might’ve seen.

Florida Man

Strange behavior seems to grow naturally in the sunshine state.