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Brad Blanks with the Cast of HBO’s Westworld

From Brad Blanks on Facebook:

Epic Westworld roll out. That Evan Rachel Wood gives me scary chills when she does that “Dolores stare” to me. I don’t know if she is a host (robot) or a human.

Huge night at the Westworld Season 4 Premiere. I wasn’t allowed to talk to a few of the new cast members as they were walking spoilers. I finished watching season 3 and I’m all caught up and need to drink hard liquor to figure out what’s going on for the start of season 4. All being said, I really enjoy the show and do love that Dolores’ ability to kick butt.

Lisa Joy created it with her hubbie, Jonathan Nolan. She told me she’s a nerd! Also good to see Aaron Paul again. Top fella.

Also nice to meet Ed Harris and analyze if his hairstyle is in my future!

Brad Blanks at the TIME 100

It was a huge night at the TIME 100 Most Influential People event. Brad Blanks went along to see who would talk to me!

Brad Blanks Interviews Patrick Schwarzenegger, Stephen Merchant & Rose Leslie

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Patrick Schwarzenegger

Brad Blanks went along to the red carpet in New York City for the premiere of The Staircase (HBO Max). Patrick Schwarzenegger plays one of the sons in this true crime story, and has a wild opening scene.

Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant, one of the legends of comedy, has a new show called The Outlaws (Amazon Prime Video), which is a thriller/comedy. Brad loved the scene where Merchant gets caught with a hooker in the show. Stephen Merchant breaks down what inspired him for the scene.

Rose Leslie

You’d remember Rose Leslie as “Ygritte”, Jon Snow’s love interest, on Game of Thrones. The two actors have been married to each other since 2018. She now stars in The Time Traveler’s Wife (HBO Max).

Brad Blanks & Cousin Sal Discuss ESPN’s 30 for 30 on the 1986 New York Mets

Cousin Sal from Jimmy Kimmel Live! show has executive produced a fantastic documentary on the 1986 World Series Champion New York Mets. It’s an ESPN 30 for 30 and screens over two nights. It goes deep into the craziness of the legends of that team and how they somehow had the baseball gods on their side, and Bill Buckner’s legs!

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Actor Eric Bana Talks to Brad Blanks About New Movie The Dry

Eric Bana’s movie The Dry was #1 in Australia back in early January.

The film arrives arrives here in the US on demand and in theaters Friday, May 21st. Brad Blanks got to catch up with fellow Aussie Eric Bana. They discuss his movie being filmed in Victoria, playing an Aussie in the Judd Apatow movie Funny People and what Brad Pitt did to Hector in the movie Troy.

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NYPD Detective Michael Devine from HBO’s The Undoing

Michael Devine is a recently retired New York City Police Detective. He now plays Detective Paul O’Rourke on the HBO thriller/mystery mini-series The Undoing alongside Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant.

Mike Devine also sings national anthems at sporting events, can belt out “Danny Boy” late in the night and also has an incredible story about visiting the White House when he was a baby.

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