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The Best of The KQ Morning Show

The Best of The KQ Morning Show

Since 1986, the KQ Morning Show has been one of the most popular and longest-running radio morning shows in the country. Any given show can contain a compelling interview, a side-splitting segment leaving us gasping for air, and audio soundbytes that our co-workers still quote after all these years. (“Yo mammy!”, “I have to poop”, “a pair of choppers.”)

Best of KQ Morning Show

Throughout the years countless skits and original songs have been written, a “dumbass disc jockey” (THE CHUCKER) was created in order to knock celebrities down a peg, and the jokes pretty much wrote themselves when a professional wrestler became the governor of Minnesota.

Between 1990 – 2002, the KQ Morning Show released an annual “Best of” compilation album which comprised of the best original bits, songs and skits written and played on the show during its respective year. Listen to featured “Best of” tracks below from each of the 12 compilation albums!