Candice’s Favorite Rolling Stones Songs

The Rolling Stones is the first band that showed me what it means to really groove. Getting to know them has been an experience to say the least, and with every song I hear, an attachment follows. Raking leaves sure sucked when I was 16, but when I had Exile on Main St. blasting in my CD player, the chore transformed itself into a memorable moment of self-discovery. I suddenly began to work with purpose; dancing around and twirling that rake like it was my own personal mic stand. I felt like a freak – but I liked it. And I still like it, oh yes I do.

Not only did listening to the Rolling Stones help lessen the severity of my teenage troubles, it gave me a way out of my own head. Flash forward to five years later when I met my Italian roommates while in school in Bologna, Italy. Almost immediately we became our own hodgepodge “famiglia” – singing Stones songs around the kitchen table after eating our weight in pasta. One of our favorite rock and roll kumbayas was Sympathy for the Devil. No matter where each of us came from, we all damn well knew how to nail those “oooo hooos,” and that realization alone was incredibly special.

The Rolling Stones seem to travel with me through life, proving that as time goes by, music will indeed follow. They’ve taught me how music can heal, reveal, and above everything else, make me move like I’ve never moved before. Their music has a way about it that gives me a sense of security; a certain significance that will never abandon me. Now I know there’s no way I’ve heard every single Stones song, and that sharing my all-time favorites may be a bit premature. Nevertheless, here they are. From my favorite hit, Honky Tonk Women, to my favorite deep cut, Sweet Virginia, get groovin’ to my favorite Rolling Stones songs:

Candice’s Favorite Rolling Stones Songs

Tumbling Dice – Exile on Main St. – 1972

Sympathy for the Devil – Beggars Banquet – 1968

Wild Horses – Sticky Fingers – 1971

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking – Sticky Fingers – 1971

It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (but I Like It) – It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll – 1974

Sweet Virginia – Exile on Main St. – 1972

Gimme Shelter – Let It Bleed – 1969

Beast of Burdon – Some Girls – 1978

Dead Flowers – Sticky Fingers – 1971

Midnight Rambler – Let It Bleed – 1969

Let’s Spend the Night Together – Between the Buttons – 1967

Honky Tonk Women – Single – 1969

Live with Me – Let It Bleed – 1969

Fool to Cry – Black and Blue – 1976

19th Nervous Breakdown – Single – 1966

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