Candice’s Favorite Christine McVie Songs

On November 30th of 2022, Fleetwood Mac fans lost our beloved Songbird, Christine McVie. Our world turned upside down as many of us not only wished we would be able to see her perform live again, but I for one absolutely assumed I would. Every time I heard her sing live, I was awoken with what felt like an euphoric new beginning, and I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to let that go. Her presence on-stage made me believe in my feelings, no matter how deep or outlandish they may have been. When Christine McVie sings, you stop and focus on her story. Her presence is healing, and that’s what makes her existence so special and her passing so heartbreaking.

Christine McVie has one of those unreal voices. It’s so uniquely her own, and because she was with the band since the early days, I feel her sound very much represents the heart of Fleetwood Mac. The songs sung by Christine, including my favorite, The Way I Feel off 1973’s Mystery to Me, just hit different. They’re all about embracing your feelings even if you’re not able to recognize them. Overall, the songs she leads are about trust, and listening to them have definitely helped me become more secure in myself and what I’m going through in life. Christine McVie makes me proud of the way I feel, and I am immensely grateful for that.

With Christine McVie I feel a special type of fondness – one that’s locked in specifically on the sound of her voice. It’s crystal clear, full of volume and structurally her own. Singing along with her is comfortable and most importantly, enjoyable. There’s no doubt she makes the songs of Fleetwood Mac especially charming, most notably in You Make Lovin’ Fun and Everywhere. Songs like Prove Your Love, Over My Head, and of course, Songbird, are so much her own that they could be brought to life by none other than herself.

It sure was hard to pick ten of my favorite Christine McVie songs to feature for her 80th birthday, but I’d say these are the ones that have impacted my Fleetwood Mac-obsessed heart most deeply:

Candice’s Favorite Christine McVie Songs

The Way I Feel – Mystery to Me – 1973

Prove Your Love – Heroes Are Hard to Find – 1974

Over My Head – Fleetwood Mac – 1975

Show Me a Smile – Future Games – 1971

Everywhere – Tango in the Night – 1987

Spare Me a Little of Your Love – Bare Trees – 1972

You Make Lovin’ Fun – Rumours – 1977

Little Lies – Tango in the Night – 1987

Say You Love Me – Fleetwood Mac – 1975

Songbird – Rumours – 1977

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