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Queen The Greatest: 50-Part YouTube Series

Photo Credit: RKH Images

Over the past year, Queen has uploaded a new video every week to a series on their YouTube channel called Queen The Greatest.

The 50-part Queen The Greatest is an in-depth look at the history of Queen.

From the well-loved and highly regarded origins with the charismatic Freddie Mercury and their legendary Live Aid performance, through the loss of their frontman, into the past decade of Queen + Adam Lambert, and so much more!

We’ve compiled all 50 episodes for you to watch right here!

1: The Story Begins – Keep Yourself Alive

To start the journey we revisit the song that started it all, “Keep Yourself Alive.”

2: The Landmark Gig – Live At The Rainbow

It’s 1974 and the band get to follow in the footsteps of their heroes when they deliver three memorable sell out shows at London’s prestigious venue, The Rainbow.

3: The Turning Point – Killer Queen

A look back at the single that brought Queen their first major chart success before going on to become one of the band’s most recognized and well-loved compositions. A timeless classic, it continues to attract new fans and as recently as 2018 was covered by 5SOS.

4: 1974 Early Tours – Queen In Finland

As Queen’s fan base started to grow outside the UK, so did the number of foreign cities featuring on the tour schedule. Each presented an exciting new experience for the band, and opportunity to connect with new fans from different countries, which is exactly what happened in November 1974 for one such 12 year old fan who had an extraordinary encounter with Freddie, Roger, Brian and John.

5: 1975 A Night At The Opera – Make or Break

Continuing the celebration of some of Queen’s greatest achievements so far, in this episode we revisit A Night At The Opera. Considered by many to be their best album, Queen’s perilous financial situation at the time made this an incredibly risky leap of faith, creating a genuine make or break moment for the band.

6: 1975 Bohemian Rhapsody – Making History

7: Behind The Hits – Roger Taylor

We celebrate the extraordinary achievement that has seen all four members of the band write hit singles for Queen. The songs will be very familiar, but who composed them might come as a surprise. This week, we look at five hits penned by drummer, Roger Taylor.

8: Live in 1975 – A Night At The Odeon

“I remember being quite worried about it!” (Roger Taylor). A look back at Christmas Eve, 1975, as Queen prepare to perform a live concert for the first time in front of a TV and Radio audience of millions. Includes rare audio and images from the sound-check.

9: 1976 Somebody To Love – Freddie’s Greatest Hit?

After the incredible success of A Night At The Opera and Bohemian Rhapsody, all eyes were on Queen to see what they would do next. As Freddie Mercury worked on his next composition, inspiration came from one of the world’s finest singers and ended up with him, Brian and Roger becoming a Gospel choir. Was it better than Bohemian Rhapsody? The man himself thinks it might be…

10: 1976 Live in Hyde Park – Picnic by The Serpentine

Following their breakthrough year of 1975, Queen wanted to say thank you to their UK fans, and what better way than to stage an enormous free concert in London’s Hyde Park. It was Queen’s biggest show to date, and as rare interview and news footage from the time reveals, it truly was a night to remember.

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