Candice’s KQ Year in Review

Candice’s KQ Year in Review

I can’t believe I’ve been working at KQRS for almost seven years now! While there has never been a dull moment here at the Q, 2018 was definitely a year to remember. I am in such a different place in my life as compared to when I started, yet my protruding rock and roll heart and love for everything KQ is still as strong as it ever was. I will forever be honored to be able to represent the radio station I grew up on, and I cannot imagine my life without my KQ friends and family.

Here are some of my top memories from this past year…


#5 Vegas 2018

One of my favorite parts about working at KQRS is getting to know our amazing listeners. Our KQ Morning Show trips are perfect for that, and I am grateful to have been able to become close with so many awesome people. This November marked my fifth Vegas trip and I must say this one was my favorite. It was so much nicer broadcasting in the afternoon — I would always get sick from waking up at 2 am to do the show. From KISS Mini Golf to a night on the town at Freemont Street, the four day escape was an all around blast. The group of listeners that came on this trip turned into fast friends, and that was my absolute favorite part about it! 

#4 KQRS Rock the Boat Crusie

What is more fun than spending a hot summer day rockin’ along to the best ’80s tunes abord a KQRS themed boat cruise? NOTHING! Our Rock the Boat Cruise is one of my favorite events every year, but I think this year topped them all! Our house band, Rough House Rox lit up the dance party with the best rock songs from the ’80s, and it was really fun to let loose and bust out some old school dance moves for a few hours. 

#3 Punta Cana 2018

I love Las Vegas, but there is something very different and special about our winter KQ Morning Show trip. Punta Cana was all about relaxation, and I really enjoyed spending quality time with our listeners on the beach and at all the rock and roll themed pools. The sunset dinner on the beach was my favorite moment of the trip. It is such beautiful place! So much so that Dawn and Michael, a couple that joined us on the trip, romantically decided to get married! Jodi, another listener who has joined us for a few trips now, married them on the beach and I was even a bridesmaid. It was such a special moment that really made last year in Punta Cana a one of a kind vacation. 

#2 Def Leppard & Journey at Target Field

Everyone who knows me knows I love to rock, and seeing Def Leppard and Journey perform live at Target Field last summer was the perfect night for it. I was alongside many of my KQ co-workers and listeners who I’ve become great friends with over the years. It was absolutely amazing to be outside, under the stars, as two of my favorite bands gave it their all on stage. The concert had KQRS written all over it, and I think that’s what made it the most fun.

#1 Moondance Jam 2018

Moondance Jam is a KQ tradition. It’s a party like no other; totally revolved around the celebration of rock and roll music. I look forward to the festival every year, but this year I was especially excited about the line-up. They were all our favorite bands — from Bret Michaels to Tesla, we KQ chicks rocked hard at last year’s Moondance Jam. I even had the chance to interview one of my favorite queens of rock and roll – Lita Ford! She was so nice and very noticeably excited to be there. Tons of KQ listeners come on this trip, and we had so much fun making giant bubbles and dancing in the sun together to our favorite songs!