City Buses Block Eagles Fans’ View of Parade for 7 Minutes

Photo credit: YouTube/ViralHog

As Vikings fans, this video should help our sour grapes go down a bitter better. Or, at least, make them taste a little less sour.

During the part of the “Big Game” Championship parade in Philly, a few city buses pulled up and blocked the view of the parade for many Eagles fans. The buses remained there for 7 minutes, during which time the players had ridden by on their floats.

When the buses finally got going again, all there was to see was a parade of motorcycle cops.

Beware: the fans are understandably upset, and thus, end up shouting a barrage of obscenities. Sure, they’d waited around for 5 hours (and the angrier they get, that number goes up to 6 hours) for the parade, but seriously…there’s worse things in the world than missing a boring parade. No one starved to death or lost any limbs. You missed out on a parade. Your team still won the championship. Maybe reflect on that for a bit, and try to smile.