Michael Rapaport’s Confusion & Meltdown Over the Saints’ Loss Seems Oddly Familiar

Photo credit: Twitter/@MichaelRapaport

This seems awfully familiar doesn’t it? Seems as though we, as Vikings fans, probably reacted similarly towards the end of Sunday’s game.

You can hardly fault actor Michael Rapaport for using the type of language he uses in this video, and you really shouldn’t take his “f*** you, Minnesota!” to heart, because as we stated above, many of us likely directed the same type of vulgar excitement towards New Orleans.

However, it is a bit amusing to watch Rapaport’s meltdown as he goes from elation to brokenhearted confusion in the time it took him to leave the bar and get in his car.

Remember, Vikings Fans: There’s still at least one more game to go. Let’s all breathe, take it easy, and not get cocky. Celebrate and be excited, but let’s breathe easy and take it one game at a time.