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Iconic Album Covers Are Happier With FaceApp Treatment

If you hadn’t heard of FaceApp yet, you have now. It was only a matter of time because this app is getting pretty popular.

The app takes the photo you upload and gives a smile, makes it look older or younger…swaps the gender of the person in the photo. Have a friend or relative who refuses to smile in any photographs? Problem solved! Just pop it into FaceApp.

We threw a bunch of iconic album covers into FaceApp and gave them all big toothy grins. A lot of these look pretty natural. Except for Paul on the cover of McCartney II. Apparently, we found a way to ugly-up the cute Beatle.

We wanted to all four of Kiss’ collaborative solo albums and give them grins, but unfortunately, the app couldn’t detect Gene’s or Peter’s faces in the app. That’ll happen. Flip through the gallery of happy album covers below.