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McCartney at 77: Career-Spanning Playlist

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77 years of age and 60 years in the music industry. Living legend.

For Paul McCartney‘s 77th birthday, we originally thought, “let’s try to highlight one song from each decade of McCartney’s recording career.”

It was much easier to compile one song (may or may not be his best) from each Beatles, Wings, and solo McCartney album.

But if you really want us to take a shot, let’s go with:

60’s: Here, There & Everywhere
70’s: Back Seat of My Car
80’s: Wanderlust
90’s: Calico Skies
00’s: Sing the Changes
10’s: Everybody Out There

See? Too hard! Hopefully, you’re still with us and willing to enjoy this Spotify playlist which spans McCartney‘s entire career, up to and including 2018’s Egypt Station.

As we stated above, we selected one (hopefully, the best) McCartney song each Beatles album, Wings album and solo album (excluding covers albums). Plus, we couldn’t not include the wonderful “Sing the Changes” from McCartney‘s The Fireman collaboration with producer Youth.


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