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Honoring Michelle Lambert

Larry Lambert from Ramsey writes, “My daughter Michelle has served in the US Air Force and the Minnesota Air National Guard since 1990. She loves the C130 military transport aircraft, and has served on “Nightingale” a military evacuation aircraft.

When deployed, Michelle serves as a senior emergency room nurse. Her father says, “I’m very proud of her service even though we’re often separated by time and duty”. Michelle was raised in Lauderdale, MN, graduated from Ramsey High School and St Kates as a Registered Nurse which she applied to her military career. As part of Desert Storm, Michelle earned commendations for service above and beyond the call of duty. She was recognized for her efforts in saving the life of a British contractor early in her career when she served in Japan.

In her off duty hours she taught the children of a Japanese family “American English”. Michelle’s’ Dad concludes by saying, “I feel she’s conducted herself as a great example of United States military”
Signed, Larry Lambert from Ramsey, MN