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    Weeknights 7pm – 10pm

    When did you start at KQ?
    September 2016

    Favorite concert memory:
    TOO many to count!! I once road-tripped to Chicago to see the Sex Pistols play Aragon Ballroom with Dropkick Murphys and Reverend Horton Heat. It was the craziest group of music fans I’ve ever had the pleasure to rock out with; young punk rock kids like myself, executives still in wingtips and button down shirts who came straight from the office, farmers in overalls who drove in from out state Illinois, and life long punk fans who had definitely seen the Sex Pistols the first time they toured the states. The entire venue sang along to every song! Towards the end with the crowd thinned out a little I ditched my boyfriend at that time and got as close as I could to the stage. I am positive Johnny Rotten and I locked eyes during “Pretty Vacant.” He also snot-rocketed in my direction. Pure punk rock joy.

    Random celebrity moment:
    I don’t think it was random because I was absolutely working, but Alice Cooper could tell I was nervous to take a pic with him so he put his arm around me during a meet and greet for a charity event. I NEVER get star struck, but he did it I still get chills thinking about it.

    Favorite watering hole past and present:
    Past (early ’00s): Tie between CC Club which was halfway between my apartment and my best friend’s apartment in Uptown (we downed a lot of $7.50 pitchers of Grain Belt Premium and too many platters of nachos) and The Uptown Bar on Lake and Hennepin, my go to after work-grab-a-pint-and-a-shot-before-bar-close bar. If you are trying to find me out past my bed time currently, check The Eagles Club post 34, The Cardinal Bar off of the blue line (especially during a Twins game) or Grumpy’s NE.

    Favorite behind-the-scenes KQ moment?
    I totally get a kick out of meeting anyone that listens to the station, I dig meeting listeners face to face way more than any “famous” person. That’s why I always have a blast at the State Fair. Hearing about their favorite songs, or a time they won tickets, or even a time that they caught me goof up on air makes me smile.

    Got any hobbies?
    I am a total gym rat and cooking machine. I travel as much as I can, the further the plane ride the better. My goal is to drink a beer on every continent and I only have two more to go (Africa and Antarctica). And especially during the winter I can be kind of a TV junkie.

    Is there something you feel strongly about? How have you helped give back to the community?
    USE YOUR BLINKER AND GIVE ME PLENTY OF SPACE AT THE ATM!! Kidding 🙂 I am a big blood donor, I think it’s one of the most important ways to help others and so few people participate. Only 3% of people who can donate do, but 72% of us will need blood or blood products at sometime in our lives. That’s a lot of blood freeloaders! Plus, it doesn’t cost anything to help out.