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Ray Erick

Ray Erick

Weekdays 11am – 3pm


When did you start at KQ?
January of 1991

Favorite concert memory:
AC/DC Back in Black at the Met Center

Random celebrity moment:
While on a Disney press event, I ran into Joe Piscopo and Drew Carey and then went on rides with Lisa Whelchel.

Favorite watering hole past and present:
Jukebox Saturday Night (past) and Vegas Lounge (present)

Favorite behind-the-scenes KQ moment?
Definitely was the cab driver protest. I was on-the-air when they rolled in.

Got any hobbies?
My hobby is cars that drain every cent I have. I make ’em nice, then sell at a loss.

Is there something you feel strongly about? How have you helped give back to the community?
I’m a big fan of animals. Consider me the cat keeper that saves all the neighborhood strays. (but no more than 3 at a time. I’m not nuts!) They live the good life.