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Candice Wheeler

Candice Wheeler

    Candice WheelerKQ Morning Show

    When did you start at KQ?

    Favorite concert memory:
    There are too many to count. My first concert with KQ was Van Halen at the Xcel just a couple months after I started. I was stone cold starry-eyed over all of Diamond Dave’s swanky kicks and spins. It felt so bad ass to rock out with that KQRS t-shirt on… and still does, every time.

    Random celebrity moment:
    Meeting Robby Krieger backstage after his show at the Medina in 2015 was the greatest moment of my life. I am an absolute Doors FREAK, and hearing him share some of his greatest memories with me was humbling. I’ll never forget what he said when I showed him my Jim Morrison tattoo: “Now he’ll always be with you.” Well, at least Robby gets me!

    Favorite watering hole past and present:
    If I’m trying to really get down, a karaoke joint is a must. Vegas Lounge and the Otter in Northeast are a couple of my favorites. Andrea, my best friend and promotions director at the station, also brings me along to the American Legion in Plymouth on the occasional Friday night!

    Favorite behind-the-scenes KQ moment?
    Vegas baby, Vegas! I love the on-the-fly feel to our live broadcasts, and being a part of it all is really something. Not to mention our listeners are awesome and so much fun. KQ wouldn’t be KQ without them.

    Got any hobbies?
    Rock and roll is my hobby – especially live music. I enjoy playing the drums and singing, hence my obsession with karaoke. I also like outdoor activities like four wheeling and motorcycle rides – backseat for now.

    Is there a cause you feel strongly about? How have you helped give back to the community?
    I currently volunteer with Canine Inspired Change with my therapy dog GiGi. We work with struggling youth who have social anxieties or have been through severe trauma. We help them gain confidence by practicing kindness through dog training and public speaking.

    I would also like to do more for children who have an unstable home life due to drug and alcohol abuse. It tore my family apart and I wish I had someone to help me through it all. So far I’ve only mentored one teenager. I coordinated fun activities for us to do and helped her overcome issues in school, with her family and in her social life.

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