Classic On-Air Moments and Airchecks

Listen to some of the more memorable on-air moments from KQ’s history – featuring voices and programming highlights from both past and present.

Classic Airchecks

Listen to three different airchecks showcasing the style and sound of KQRS created by the on-air staff in 1978, 1988 and 1993.

*For reasons of copyright ownership most of the songs and commercials have been edited out

"Superstar Cruiser" Legal ID

A “Legal ID” is when stations announce their call letters and the name of their city of license every hour, which required by the FCC. KQ’s city of license is Golden Valley and we’ve proudly proclaimed that over 435,000 times in our 50 years as a rock station. This “Superstar Cruiser” Legal ID from 1980 was also used to add more power to the KQ sound.

Alan Stone

Alan Stone was one of KQ’s early Program Directors and the signature voice of the station with his smooth delivery during middays from about 1970 through 1978.

John Lassman

(1985) Johnny “Rock” has been associated with KQRS off and on longer than almost anyone in the station…since 1983. This is an early sample of his work. Today, he’s the Executive Producer of the KQ Morning Show.

Lisa Miller on Tom Petty

Lisa Miller is a huge Tom Petty fan, and happened to be the person on the air when the news of his death broke, and she related the story of seeing his last Minnesota show only four months earlier. Her unfiltered reaction to the news perfectly represented how the rest of the world felt about the loss of such a talent.

Lisa Miller: The KQ Blues Break

(1998) The KQ Blues Break was a popular feature in the 90s. In this clip Lisa Miller gives the rundown on ticket giveaways to some great Twin Cities concerts.

Dave Dworkin Plays Pink Floyd Backwards

(1980) KQRS afternoon DJ, Dave Dworkin, helped destroy disco and revealed the many instances when rock bands upset certain people with so-called evil messages hidden in their music. In this clip Dave sets up to reveal a hidden message by Pink Floyd in their song “Empty Spaces.”

Nancy Rosen

Nancy was a part of the classic lineup of KQRS featured in the black & white photo of the entire staff elsewhere on this site. Nancy did a variety of shifts on the station, and left to play oldies on 1280 WWTC about 1979.

Wally Walker (1986)

Wally Walker has been with KQRS since 1979. His tenure here makes him one the longest serving air personalities on any station, any format in any city in America! This is a clip from Wally in 1986 as he did afternoon drive for a bit, before settling into his current midday slot.

Wally Walker Announces the Death of John Lennon

Wally just happened to be filling in for Tac Hammer on the KQ Morning Show of December 9th, 1980 — the morning after John Lennon was murdered in New York. The station used the resources of NBC’s The Source to cover the story, and started its very first “A to Z” presentation that day – the entire Beatles catalog.

Hal Hoover

This recording of Hal is from 1979, a couple of years into his first tour of duty on KQ (Hal left in 1981 for a few years and worked at WDGY playing country music, and at Stereo 101 before returning to KQ in 1986). In this clip, Hal’s uptempo and rockin’ style matched the louder music KQRS was playing in the late 70s.

National Lampoon Radio Hour (Russ in the AM)

(1972) The mellow morning madness of Russ in 1972 promotes another benchmark of KQ’s Sunday nights – the National Lampoon Radio Hour. It was the success of this show on the radio that led to the National Lampoon-branded movies…most notably “Animal House.”

Garth Kemp

Garth did a high powered afternoon show on KQ in the mid 90s. Today Garth is a TV weathercaster in Los Angeles.

Jack Hicks

Jack Hicks has one the smoothest voice ever heard on KQRS. He came to the station in 1986 after several years on-air at Stereo 101, KQ’s competitor at the time.

Marci Boelter

(1978) Late nights on Sunday were very unique on KQRS in the 70’s with many feature programs and album replays. In this clip Marci Boelter does a promo for the Comedy Hour.