The Best of The Chucker

The Best of The Chucker

How it all began...

Legend has it that Michael Jackson wanted to be interviewed on KQRS, but didn’t want to deal with a dumbass disc jockey… So, a dumbass disc jockey was created.

John Lassman knows The Chucker very well and reveals the truth about his origin. It all began with The Call of the Day…

Listen to "The Best of the Chucker" featuring

Woody Harrelson • Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead • Keanu Reeves • George Carlin • Carl Reiner • Yakoff Smirnoff • Dennis Miller • Fred Savage • Shirley MacLaine • Rob Schneider • Eddie Albert • Carrot Top

Watch "Behind the Scenes" Commentary with The Chucker

The Rob Schneider Call

The Shirley MacLaine Call

The James Kottak Call