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Candice Has a Love Affair with The Doors…

My love for The Doors is no secret. I listen to them almost daily, talk about their music every chance I get, and have even gone as far as displaying my admiration of Jim Morrison in ink on my left hip. In other words, I am a huge Doors freak, and their music has helped mold me…

‘Lick It Up’ by KISS

KISS always calls for a good time. In other words, there’s hardly a KISS song that doesn’t put me in a party mood. One album that gets me especially pumped up is 1983’s Lick It Up.

Talking Music Therapy with Jeff Keith of Tesla

Talking Music Therapy with Jeff Keith of Tesla

Back when I was riding the bus home from school blasting Tesla songs through my headphones, I never thought in a million years I’d be interviewing singer Jeff Keith today — though I always hoped I would.