North American Banking Company presents the KQ 5K Weekly Payoff

From now until November 20th, we’re giving you 5,000 BIG reasons why you should tune into KQRS every week! North American Banking Company presents “KQ’s $5,000 Weekly Payoff!”

Yup, you read that right! We’re giving away $5,000 to one lucky listener each Friday – for 10 weeks!

How can you win?!


  • Listen to the KQ Morning Show at 7:50am each Monday through Thursday
  • At 7:50am Tom Barnard will announce three upcoming times to be listening for the three “$5K Weekly Payoff” songs to be announced and played throughout the day.
  • Tune in at those times, listen and keep track of each song title and artist in the order they were played. (Rinse & repeat Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)


  • On Friday mornings, listen for Tom Barnard to give you the cue to call in at 651-989-7625 or 651-989-7655.
  • Caller #9 (nine) will get a chance to recite that week’s $5K Weekly Payoff playlist in the correct order, along with the correct titles of songs and artists. If they succeed, they win the $5,000 that week!
  • If caller #9 fails to recite the correct playlist, caller #10 will get a chance to win the $5,000 and so on, until all twelve“$5K Weekly Payoff” songs are correctly stated in order (with both artist and song titles correctly stated)

Read the Contest Rules for all the details