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Megadeth Announces Plans to Release Unplugged in Boston

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For years, bootleg recordings of Megadeth’s 2001 unplugged concert in Boston have been among the most highly-sought items in the rock world.

The band on Wednesday revealed plans to officially release the 20-year-old recording as an album called Unplugged in Boston.

The album, which is expected to feature 10 tracks, will be available exclusively through Megadeth’s fan club, according to Cleopatra Records. The acoustic set arrives August 20th.

Unplugged in Boston
1. Dread And The Fugitive Mind
2. Trust
3. Time: The Beginning
4. Use The Man
5. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due (Excerpt)
6. Almost Honest
7. Promises
8. She-Wolf
9. Moto Psycho
10. Symphony Of Destruction