Steve Perry to Release Acoustic Traces in December

Steve Perry to Release Acoustic Traces in December

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Steve Perry is set to release an acoustic version of his 2018 album, Traces.

Talking with Rolling Stone, the former Journey frontman says the album is much more simple.

“It’s called Traces: Alternate Versions and Sketches. I cut the vinyl in Abbey Road. I’m really pleased with the sonics, and I’m really pleased with the simplicity of the songs and the lyric and the chords, which is basically what it’s stripped down to.”

2018’s Traces was considered to be Perry’s comeback album with him bouncing back after avoiding the spotlight for 20 years.

Traces: Alternate Versions and Sketches features 8 of the original album’s 10 tracks in an acoustic format.

Perry also says that new music should be on the way too. “I have a studio and I’m always writing and always recording stuff,” he says.

Revisit Perry’s 2018 Traces single “No Erasin'” below.

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