#StayHomeMN Extended Until May 18th

#StayHomeMN Extended Until May 18th

(Updated April 30, 2020) Governor Walz extended the Stay at Home order thru May 18th. He is also allowing curbside pickup for retail stores and strongly encourages all Minnesotans to wear masks when outside the home. Read the full report from the April 30th press conference

(Updated April 17, 2020) Governor Tim Walz expands outdoor recreation opportunities during MN’s Stay at Home Order. See a list of facilities that may reopen or remain open

(Updated April 8, 2020) Governor Walz extended the Stay at Home order for an additional three weeks pushing the end date from April 10th out to May 4th. 

What is a Stay at Home order?

A stay at home order directs Minnesotans to limit movements outside of their homes beyond essential needs. By limiting social interactions, we decrease the chance of transmission of COVID-19 and help our health care sector prepare for increased demands.

According to the Governor's office, here's a list of activities you can still leave the house for during a Stay at Home Order:

  • Health and safety activities, such as obtaining emergency services or medical supplies
  • Outdoor activities, such as walking pets, hiking, running, biking, hunting, or fishing
  • Necessary Supplies and Services, such as getting groceries, gasoline, or carry-out
  • Essential and interstate travel, such as returning to home from outside this state
  • Care of others, such as caring for a family member, friend, or pet in another household
  • Displacement, such as moving between emergency or homeless shelters if you are without a home
  • Relocation to ensure safety, such as relocating to a different location if your home has been unsafe due to domestic violence, sanitation, or essential operations reasons
  • Tribal Activities & Lands, such as activities by members within the boundaries of their tribal reservations

Gov. Walz expands outdoor recreation opportunities starting April 18th

On April 17th, Governor Tim Walz issued Executive Order 20-38 which allows Minnesotans to engage in a range of activities, including golfing, boating, fishing, hunting, and hiking, as long as they follow new outdoor recreation guidelines. These guidelines include maintaining 6-foot social distancing, avoiding crowded areas, and staying close to home. The executive order will go into effect on Saturday, April 18th at 5:00am. 

According to Executive Order 20-38, facilities that may reopen or remain open include:

  • Bait shops for live bait
  • Outdoor shooting ranges and game farms
  • Public and private parks and trails
  • Golf courses and driving ranges
  • Boating and off-highway vehicle services, including:
    • Marina services
    • Dock installation and other lake services
    • Boat and off-highway vehicle sales and repair, by appointment only

Campgrounds and dispersed camping, outdoor recreational equipment retail stores, recreational equipment rental, charter boats, launches, and guided fishing remain closed.

Stay Informed

There is a lot of fake news and false data about coronavirus floating around the internet. Please utilize the following resources provided by the State of Minnesota to ensure you remain accurately informed during this time:

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