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Candice’s KQ Year in Review

Candice’s KQ Year in Review

I can’t believe I’ve been working at KQRS for almost eight years now! While there has never been a dull moment here at the Q, 2019 was definitely a year to remember. I am in such a different place in my life as compared to when I started, yet my protruding rock and roll heart and love for everything KQ is still as strong as it ever was. I will forever be honored to be able to represent the radio station I grew up on, and I cannot imagine my life without my KQ friends and family.

Here are some of my top memories from this past year…

#5 Key West

Our first annual KQ Morning Show live broadcast vacation to Key West, Florida was an absolute BLAST! The journey to get there started out a little rough, as we ALL missed our connecting flights due to the icy weather back home. I was lucky to be surrounded by our amazing listeners who all had great attitudes and actually made the road trip from Miami to Key West very fun! Needless to say, we were in party mode as soon as we arrived, and that didn’t stop until we landed back home! We broadcasted live from the Hard Rock, went on a spooky ghost tour that included pit stops at some of the Keys’ coolest bars, ate amazing food, relaxed by the pool and really got to know each other! My favorite moment was our night out on Duval Street, where we ROCKED OUT to an awesome band at the famous Sloppy Joe’s! I can’t wait until our trip back to Key West in a just a few weeks!


I LOVE KISS! So much so, I had to go ALL OUT for their farewell (or so I thought) show at the Xcel. My girls who run the NE Minneapolis salon Hair-O-Smith morphed me into the Demon himself, Gene Simmons! They are so talented and I highly recommend checking out their place if you are in the mood for BIG HAIR! Dressing up definitely put me in the mood to rock, and rocked I got! KISS was my favorite concert of the year. I was pretty tired the next morning on the KQ Morning Show, but it was worth it. I even went to work with my make-up still on! People must have thought I was crazy driving home that day. I hope you get the chance to see THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD this February!

#3 Grand RockTember

I always love partying it up with KQ listeners, and this year’s Grand RockTember at Grand Casino Hinckley was FULL of them! It was so fun to go on stage and introduce Pat Benatar and Night Ranger! It was also really fun to dance along to one of my favorite ALL CHICK cover bands: ThundHERstruck! Seeing Steven Adler from Guns N’ Roses was also pretty amazing. I got to meet him too, and he is one of the sweetest guys ever. Pat Benatar looked stunning and sounded perfect. It was an amazing night under the stars with my KQ family. 

#2 Rock the Boat

I love our KQ boat cruises! It’s always fun to get to know listeners. Many of them have become great friends of mine — just because of these fun events! I love a good theme, and 80s is the perfect one for this rowdy group! So many people dressed up, which made the costume contest especially hard to judge this time around! It was so fun to rock out to Rough House Rox! They played all the jams, including Black Dog by Led Zeppelin, which my girl Andrea, who is also the KQ Promotions Director, sang the hell out of on stage! Can’t wait for next year!

#1 Nashville

Our KQ Morning Show trip to Nashville was my FAVORITE KQ MOMENT OF 2019! It was our first time there, which always makes it a little more exciting. I loved our trips to Vegas, but Nashville felt more more our style. There were a ton of rock and roll bars, and music was EVERYWHERE! The food was amazing, too! I love the group of listeners and sponsors that came along on this trip. Some were first timers and many have been on trips with us before. We had a blast broadcasting live from Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery, and they drinks weren’t bad either! 😉 I hope that if you are a big KQ fan, you are able to come along on a trip with us soon! You’ll have experience and make friends you won’t forget!