KQ’s Five Favorite Live Performances

KQ’s Five Favorite Live Performances

By Candice Wheeler @thediceler

Here at KQ, we LOVE live music. Each time we get the chance to see one of our favorite bands live, one of our dreams comes true, and we become attached to that memory for life. Throughout our concert career, a handful renditions from our most beloved shows have stayed with us, and have become our new favorites that we now relive and geek out to on YouTube.

Here are five of those moments…

#5 Fleetwood Mac - "I'm So Afraid"

Pretty much the entire KQRS staff went to go see Fleetwood Mac when they were in town at the Xcel Energy Center in 2015. Lindsay Buckingham’s presence was the most memorable, especially during his wicked jam sessions. (Something that will definitely be missed on their upcoming tour). One moment in particular led one KQ staffer to discover their 1997 live album The Dance. Now she obsesses over this version of “I’m So Afraid” probably more often than she should…


#4 Def Leppard - "Armageddon It"

As heavy rock and rollers in general, we love seeing Def Leppard live. Most of us have seen them perform more than a few times, and one thing we could all agree on is how hard they rock together on stage. “Armageddon It” is always a fun moment because it gets us up and moving like no other! One of our gals even started to tear up when she first heard the song performed live. Now that’s LOVE! 


#3 Bon Jovi - "Lay Your Hands on Me"

It’s no secret we’ve got a thing for Bon Jovi here at the Q. But one thing is for certain, Richie Sambora is truly missed. One of our favorite live Bon Jovi performances is from their concert at the Xcel Engery Center on April 7, 2010. The song “Lay Your Hands on Me” was so special because of Sambora’s lead on vocals AND guitar. It was the last time he performed here as a part of Bon Jovi, turning the moment into a once in a lifetime experience. Hopefully that wasn’t the last time, and the band will get back on the road together one day.


#2 Bruce Springsteen - "Thunder Road"

Bruce Springsteen always goes over the top for his fans when he performs live in concert. And he has the Springsteen fanatics to prove it! We have a few here at the station, and our favorite memory comes from his 2016 concert at the Xcel Energy Center. “Thunder Road” tells a story within a story through its lyrics, and seeing it live was an unforgettable moment. Not to mention it has an INSANE sax solo! 


#1 Tom Petty - "It's Good To Be King"

Every rock and roll fan’s heart is hurting right now from the loss of Tom Petty. He was just in town for a concert less than a year ago, and to think he’s actually gone FOREVER is a depressing realization. Those who were privileged to see him live in action will have their memories to hold on to, and those who haven’t seen him can always check out his plethora of live performances online. Our favorite is “It’s Good To Be King” from his latest concert at the Xcel Energy Center last June. It was an extended jam session that showed what an underrated guitarist Mike Campbell really is, and it really showcase’s Tom Petty’s solid relationship with his band. Moments like these will be missed greatly but always remembered and appreciated. 



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