Dear Stevie Nicks:

Dear Stevie Nicks:


Thank you for singing your heart out at a time I needed it the most.

I have never felt so emotionally attached to an arrangement of songs before seeing you live in concert. In one night, you told your story — through your own words; your own experiences. As soon as I heard you start to sing, I began to instantaneously sing along with you, as if it was going to heal every moment of doubt I’ve ever endured in my life. In my black velvet hat and silhouette draped in lace, I engaged in the retelling of my own personal memories in relation to yours. Through your music, you’ve made it easy to connect, and more than anything, I appreciate your honesty and admire your fearless sense of self-identify, which you so powerfully presented to a crowd full of dreamers in St. Paul this past December.

As an artist, a rock and roll singer, and a style icon, you’ve inspired me in more ways than one, but I’ve found that I connect to you most deeply as a writer. Early on in my life, I discovered that writing helps me get through things. I learned how to utilize it as a rabbit hole to my inner most thoughts and feelings of who I was and who I wanted to become. I have so many emotions and ideas running through my head all day long that sometimes writing them out is the only way I can truly understand their importance. By remembering how my writing helped me get through my most difficult moments, I feel a great sense of strength standing tall today — something I have to believe you share.

Throughout your entire career, you’ve managed to turn your most insecure moments into songs that are relatable and curative. If there is one thing your music has taught me, it’s that there is a great deal of power in honesty. By openly recognizing our frustrations, dreams and even our faults, we are able to express ourselves in our purest form, thus allowing us to connect with others who may feel the same. Seeing you perform Wild Heart live for the first time was one of those moments for me. I first fell in love with this song when I came across your “Enchanted” disc set at a local record shop just a few months before the concert. Its lyrics hit me in the gut, as I wondered what inspired you to write them. Hearing you sing about overcoming heartaches similar to mine made it more than just a song. Instead, your transparent lyrics turned it into an outlet of communication.

My fellow music lovers will agree, it’s easy associate our favorite songs with our memories, and being that concerts create memories in themselves, their effect on our lives should not come as a surprise. I have seen you live twice before with Fleetwood Mac, which was an unforgettable experience in its own right, but to see you solo, sharing your most personal stories directly with those who relate to you most, was incredibly special. Seeing you perform Bella Donna, a song that debuted your musical independence to the world, while rocking the same royal blue shawl you wore on its album cover, was very fitting for this moment. It showcased how far you’ve come in your career, and you should be very proud of yourself.

The thing I enjoy most about you as an artist is that there is so much of your work I have yet to discover; so many stories I haven’t heard. It’s exciting that I can grow to know you so easily through your music. It was so fun to hear songs I didn’t know like Belle Fleur and If You Were My Love live in concert, but I have to admit my favorite moments of the night were when you played the classics. When Edge of Seventeen started up, I had to squeeze my best friend Alicia’s hand tight just so I could maintain my cool. When the first chorus broke, we threw our arms up in praise and began to perform right along with you from our seats. We sang and danced intensely, without a care, remembering back to the many times the song transformed us. Equally, when Rhiannon started to come to its haunting close, our hearts sank to our stomachs as we sang out your ‘dreams unwind – love’s a state of mind’ lyrics with our entire bodies. As a deep believer in music, these are the moments that mean everything to me.

If Anyone Falls and Enchanted had me wishing I was on stage harmonizing with you. Both songs are beautifully composed — something I feel is a rarity in today’s music scene. Not only was I completely drawn to your band’s energy and impressive display of talent on stage, but the sense of unity you shared with each other and have for so many years, was very representative of the music you’ve created together. Not to mention, the connection you formed with the crowd almost instantly made me remember just why I love rock and roll music so deeply. In that moment I remember feeling worthwhile — as if all I ever needed in life was to feel this joy.

When I think about my attraction to music overall, the first thing that comes to mind are my hardships. I have always looked to music when feeling lost or alone, and yours in particular has given me much determination and strength. By chasing your dreams, you’ve electrified a style so your own that no one artist alone can compare to today. I’m very thankful you decided to embark on this tour to spend time with your fans on an individual level. Your music has taught me to devote my energy to admitting my truest feelings to myself, and it’s made me realize that life is nothing without courage. We must live fearlessly, and when we feel the creep of self-doubt, we must find a way to scare it away. You do that flawlessly through your writing, and that is the most inspiring gift you could have ever given to me and the many fans who look up to you.