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Nilsson: Beatles Mashup Tribute

This one seems to be more of a tribute than a cover. It’s one of the earliest “mash ups”, we’re guessing.

Harry Nilsson’s debut album Pandemonium Shadow Show featured this cover of “You Can’t Do That” and managed to slide about 20 references to other Beatles tunes into the song.

Legend has it that John Lennon loved Pandemonium Shadow Show so much that he listened to it on repeat for 36 consecutive hours.

In addition to his cover of “You Can’t Do That”, Nilsson’s Pandemonium Shadow Show also contained a lovely, and faithful rendition of “She’s Leaving Home” from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

The Beatles loved Harry Nilsson. If you love The Beatles, it would be worth your time to at least check out Pandemonium Shadow Show

Nilsson - "You Can't Do That"

Harry Nilsson would go on to spend a “lost weekend” with John Lennon, and during that time, Lennon produced Nilsson’s Pussy Cats album.

Here’s audio of Lennon referring to Nilsson as his favorite “group”.

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