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On-Air Schedule

Monday – Friday KQ Morning Show 5:40am – 10am Wally Walker 10am – 2pm Lisa Miller 2pm – 6pm Ray Erick 6pm – 10pm Steve Gorman Rocks! 10pm – 3am Saturdays Best of the KQ Morning Show 6am – 9am Sundays Hangover Cafe 7am – 9am

On-Air Staff

Official studio sponsor Tom Barnard KQ MORNING SHOW Michele Tafoya KQ MORNING SHOW Candice Wheeler KQ MORNING SHOW Dave Mordal KQ MORNING SHOW Philly Dawg KQ MORNING SHOW Bob Sansevere KQ MORNING SHOW Duane Berg KQ MORNING SHOW Wally Walker MIDDAYS / 10am – 2pm Lisa Miller AFTERNOONS / 2pm – 6pm Ray Erick EVENINGS…