KQ Salutes Our Hometown Troops

KQ Salutes Our Hometown Troops

Have a friend, family member or co-worker serving in the military away from home? KQRS wants to recognize and honor their service to America by sharing their stories! Send an email to Scott@92KQRS.com telling us about them! (Make sure to include their MN hometown and where they’re stationed.) We look forward to sharing their stories on-air and online!

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Honoring Thomas Wahlstrom

Thank you KQ for recognizing all our brave military. My son, Thomas Wahlstrom, is a new recruit training to be a Marine. He’s been gone 2 weeks and I know he will achieve his dream and make it through boot camp. I couldn’t be prouder! Thank you again, Carol Wahlstrom

Honoring Austin Miller

Austin Miller is currently serving our country supporting Army Aviation, stationed in South Korea.  Austin’s Mom, Renee wanted us to recognize his service to our country as Austin, his wife and daughter will spend their first holiday season away from home.

Honoring Kyle Ellington

Captain Kyle Ellington, is a member of the US Air Force. He’s been stationed at Quantanamo Bay, Cuba and Afghanistan. He’s currently stationed at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, headquarters of the Strategic Command. His parents are Tony and Shirley Ellingson residing in Maple Grove, MN.

Honoring Shawna Anderson

Dale Anderson writes, I would like to recognize my daughter Shawna Anderson from Oakdale, MN who just turned 19. She’s stationed at Ft. Gordon in Georgia finishing her training. Thanks again KQ, from a very proud father, signed Dale Anderson.

Honoring Brandon Collum

Kathleen Zusan from St. Paul wanted to honor her nephew, Brandon Collum, USMC, based in San Diego, Ca. Brandon hails from Hugo, MN. Thank you for your service Brandon and hurry home soon.

Honoring Jake My-row

Dan My-row emailed to recognize his son Jake, currently serving on the U.S.S. George Washington, returning from Japan to Norfolk, Virginia via Australia, Hawaii, and several South American stops. Jake is from Deerwood and now resides in Hastings.

Honoring Andrew Trevino

My nephew Andrew Trevino is in the infantry, a Team Leader with the United States Army, currently in Afghanistan. Andrew is from Blaine MN, attended Spring Lake Park High School; this is his first tour away from home during the holidays. We are so proud of him, he’s a brave young man we love him…

Honoring Clarence Nelson

Julie English writes, my father, Clarence Nelson, a Minneapolis North High graduate, proudly served in WWII. A Staff Sergeant in the 87th Division Dad served as a medic in the 312th Battalion, D Company. I had an opportunity to attend an 87th Reunion some years ago and was able to meet the men of his…

Honoring Noah Schweich

Bob Schweich from St. Paul would like to honor my son, Air Force Staff Sargent Noah Schweich. Noah is a twelve year active duty veteran, currently stationed in Japan. Where ever he’s been stationed, including Europe, Asia, and two deployments in the Middle East, he’s taken the KQ morning show with him. It’s his connection…

Honoring The Biskens Family

I would like to give a big salute to my dad William Biskens who was in the USAF, my older brother Terry who retired from the USAF and is still a working civilian for the Air Force, my brother Brian, retired from the air force and part time police officer, my brother Scott Biskens (now…

Honoring Gordon Hildahl

Vet’s nightmare finally turns into dream come true. For many years Gordon Hildahl awoke in the night screaming when incidents that happened to him as a soldier in the 1940s intruded on his sleep. There were memories of horrible war scenes, of dead bodies, of having his hip struck by a piece of shrapnel, and…

Honoring Jeremy Meyer and John Foley

Thanks so much for recognizing the brave that keep us all free. My son, Lance Corporal Jeremy Meyer USMC, currently stationed at Marine Corps Airfield Cherry Point in North Carolina. He’s a new Marine; just completed boot camp Cherry Point is his first duty assignment. In High School Jeremy joined a Marine Corp Junior ROTC…

Honoring Lynn Aas

My dad Lynn Aas was a Private 1st Class in the (little known) 17th Airborne Division, 193D GIR (Glider Infantry Regiment). When he walked into the Battle of the Bulge carrying a BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) on December 25, 1944, there were 55 guys in his platoon. Fourty-five days later when they walked off the…

Honoring George, Kerry, Aaron, Kellen, Kyle, Brent and Tom Loudenslager

Our dad, George Loudenslager, served in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve for 37 years, and 5 of his 6 kids served as well. In fact, in a single National Guard unit (1st Battalion 147th Field Artillery), there was at least one member of our immediate family serving from 1954 to 2012. The family…

Honoring Carl Jahn of Rochester

I would like to honor my Grandfather, Carl Jahn [pronounced same as John], out of Rochester, MN. He served in the United States Army from 1944-1946 and entered the European Theater shortly after basic training in March of 1945. He was in the 11th armored division tank battalion and was instrumental in holding the Bridge…

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