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The KQ Morning Show

Guests, news and information with Tom Barnard and the rest of the KQ Morning Show crew. LISTEN

The Tom Barnard Podcast

The Tom Barnard Podcast features local and national guests and is heavily focused on humor. Tom hosts the show along with his wife Kathryn, daughter Alex, and son Andy. LISTEN

Bob Sansevere Presents "The BS Show"

Bob says “The BS Show” is a lot like him. “bright, witty, charismatic, incredibly astute and remarkably insightful…” (his words, not ours) LISTEN

Behind The Billboard with Kris Lindahl

Is successful entrepreneurship about promoting the hell out of yourself, or building a killer culture and focusing on relentless personal development? Find the surprising answers as real estate rock star Kris Lindahl interviews business leaders from all walks of life. No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll learn how to win in the marketplace—and life—by finding your authentic self and communicating it to the world. LISTEN

The Big Interview with Dan Rather

Hear inside stories from Classic Rock’s biggest stars, the music, life on the road, and what keeps them going – hosted by former CBS Evening News anchor, Dan Rather. WATCH

The KQ Morning Show Rewind

Daily clips, bits and interviews from The KQ Morning Show with Tom Barnard.


The Chucker Files

When Michael Jackson requested an interview from 92 KQRS, but didn’t want to be interviewed by some dumbass DJ… we invented a dumbass DJ and the rest is history.


KQ Interviews

A collection of various station interviews with musicians, actors, authors and comedians.