Classic On-Air Moments

Relive some of the more memorable on-air moments from KQ’s history – featuring voices and programming highlights from both past and present.

  • Alan Stone

    Alan Stone was one of KQ’s early Program Directors and the signature voice of the station with his smooth delivery during middays from about 1970 through 1978.

  • Garth Kemp

    Garth did a high powered afternoon show on KQ in the mid 90s and today is a TV weathercaster in Los Angeles

  • Dan Pothier

    Dan Pothier (rhymes with Foshay) was a powerful nighttime voice on KQRS through the early 70s.

  • Dave Dworkin + Doug Podell

    Dave Dworkin introduces KQRS Music Director Doug Podell on his first night on the air…with a stoner joke.

  • Hal Hoover

    Hal Hoover was the nighttime personality at KQRS in the late 70s and early 80s, and introduced a generation of rockers to the biggest bands in classic rock.

  • I Ain't Got Time to Poop (Jay Roberts)

    This is a live promo for one of the many KQRS Morning show compilation CDs and cassettes, with this one focused on content inspired by then-Governor Jesse Ventura

  • John Lassman

    Johnny “Rock” has been associated with KQRS off and on longer than almost anyone in the station…since 1983. This is an early sample of his work. Today, he’s the Executive Producer as cast member on the KQ Morning Show with Tom Barnard

  • Blues Break (Lisa Miller)

    The KQ Blues Break was a popular feature in the 90s, and here, Lisa Miller (1-4pm on KQ now) gives the rundown on tickets to some great Twin Cities shows KQ listeners could win

  • Comedy Hour (Marci Boelter)

    Late nights on Sunday were very unique on KQRS in the 70’s with many feature programs and album replays. Here, Marci Boelter does a promo for the Comedy Hour.

  • Fireworks Show (Mark Seger)

    KQRS presented fireworks shows in the 80s, synchronized to an incredible soundtrack of music and aired live on the radio. Mark Seger (also known as Steve Shannon) does the setup for the 1984 presentation in St. Paul.

  • Tommy B Vegas 2002

    Tommy B gets things started at one of the many live broadcasts of the KQ Morning Show with planeloads of Minnesotans joining him for the trips to Las Vegas. Listen to that huge crowd, and remember, this was happening at 3:30am Vegas time!

  • National Lampoon Radio Hour (Russ in the AM)

    The mellow morning madness of Russ in 1972 promotes another benchmark of KQ’s Sunday nights - the National Lampoon Radio Hour. It was the success of this show on the radio that led to the National Lampoon-branded movies…notably Animal House.

  • Dave Dworkin plays Pink Floyd Backwards

    KQRS afternooner Dave Dworkin helped destroy disco and revealed the many instances where rock bands upset certain people with so-called evil messages hidden in the music. Here, he does the setup for a message hidden by Pink Floyd in their music.

  • Superstar Cruiser LEGAL ID

    For folks not in radio: the “Legal ID” is when stations say their call letters and the name of their city of license, required by the FCC, every hour. Our city of license is Golden Valley, and we’ve proudly proclaimed that over 435,000 times in our 50 years as a rock station. This little ID from 1980 was also used to add more power to the KQ sound.

  • Uncle Burnsie

    This is a pretty fair depiction of how former Minnesota Vikings Coach Jerry Burns talked, and we thought it would be funny to imagine what it would sound like of he read bedtime stories to children.

  • Tommy B with Bob Costas

    One of the many great Tom Barnard interviews from the KQ Morning show – here’s a piece of his talk with sports broadcaster Bob Costas