Best of Tom Barnard

Listen to several of Tom Barnard’s most recent memorable interviews featuring several rock & roll legends, best-selling authors, award-winning actors and an American Hero.

Classic On-Air Moments and Airchecks

Relive some of the more memorable on-air moments and airchecks from KQ’s history – featuring voices and programming highlights from both past and present.

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Best of The KQ Morning Show

Listen to featured tracks from each of the twelve KQ Morning Show “Best of” compilation albums released between 1990 – 2002. 

Album Flashbacks

Our DJs sit down and reveal the albums that have made a lasting impact on their lives, and their memories associated with those albums.

The Best of The Chucker

Legend has it that Michael Jackson wanted to be interviewed on KQRS, but didn’t want to deal with a dumbass disc jockey… So, a dumbass disc jockey was created.

Video Features

Bob & Coach Burnsie

Bob Sansevere reflects on his time covering Jerry Burns, the best f***ing Vikings coach – no f***ing question about that.

Lassman & Bon Jovi

John Lassman explains why Jon Bon Jovi gave him a shout out in his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

The Origin of The Chucker

John Lassman knows The Chucker very well and reveals the truth about his origin. It all began with The Call of the Day…

Passolt for Governor

Jeff Passolt reflects on his “run” for Minnesota Governor in 1990 as a member of the “Pool Party”…