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After The 500: Meet The “ROCK OFF” Crew

After The 500: Meet The “ROCK OFF” Crew

The KQ Rock & Roll 500 has finished: #1 is “Baba O’Riley” by The Who.  And it was predicted by “The Ramsey Rock Off

“The Ramsey Rock Off”, is an annual gathering of friends that use the KQRS Rock & Roll 500 as the basis of their mock draft.  They get together every year and through an elaborate set of rules and procedures, make their picks for particular songs to land in particular positions.  Adam DeRosier, one of the “Founding Fathers”, describes the concept and its history:

“This all started in 2004 when a few of us lived together in college and had a BBQ on Memorial Day and stayed up listening to the countdown.  We loved the idea of ranking songs and trying to figure out what number one would be, but it wasn’t until 2008 that we put together what we call the Rock Off.  Four of us, now dubbed “The Founding Fathers” decided to do a Fantasy Football style snake draft and award points based on where songs hit on the countdown.  The Memorial Day BBQ was always a fun party, but the Rock Off made it something else.  Over the years during Memorial Day weekend we’ve had bag tournaments, hammerschlagen, a bouncy house, golf tournament, raised money for the MN military family foundation, and even a 5K.  At its peak we were hosting around 60-70 people.  As families grew and people moved apart, it’s toned down over the last few years and we really just do the Rock Off and maybe the bags tournament these days.

We have been keeping track of as many stats as you can imagine.  We usually get together the week before Memorial Day and each draft 18 songs.  Everyone can keep 2 songs from their previous year so we all end up with 20 songs in total.  Wherever a song comes in at in the countdown, that song is awarded that many points.  If a song doesn’t make the list, it gets 50 points worse than what the worst on song countdown got.  So, in a top 500 year, that song would get 550.  You can drop your worst two scores and there are bonuses for other things like all 20 songs played and “Rock Bombs” (back to back songs played) and “Atomic Rock Bombs” (three in a row).  When the Rock Bombs hit it gets pretty wild.  After the points are tallied, the lowest point total wins!  The winner gets a small amount of cash, the trophy for the year, and a guitar next to their name on all future shirts and draft boards.”

Justin Christopherson – Founding Father
Chris Haugen – Founding Father
Andy Pierce – Founding Father
Adam DeRosier – Founding Father
Dave McClean
Nick Fossum
Chris Kanan
Adam Baumgartner
Josh Lundholm – Retired
Kyle Lubahn – Retired
Stan Naspinski “The Machine” – Retired
Paul Cross – Retired

This year’s results included Nick Fossum picking Baba O’Riley at #1 along with the almost having the best score of all time! Chris Kanan had the best score of all time this year when Layla came in # 10.  Nick lost his shot at the top score and settled for second best of all time when Pinball Wizard and After Midnight failed to make the countdown.

KQ92 thanks all of you for inventing this fun take on the Rock & Roll 500…we’re looking forward to next year!

If you’d like to download a complete list of this year’s countdown, courtesy of our sponsor Royal Credit Union, just click here