Fan Footage of Van Halen at St. Paul Civic Center (4/13/80)

Fan Footage of Van Halen at St. Paul Civic Center (4/13/80)

Photo credit: YouTube/oryo

Nowadays, it’s run of the mill to see fan footage from a concert. Everyone carries a camera in their pockets at all times now. You can’t go to a show anymore without seeing at least one (and who are we kidding? Only one?) fan watching the entire concert through the screen of their phone.

However, as we all know, back in 1980 it wasn’t nearly as common. Thankfully, when Van Halen played the St. Paul Civic Center on April 13, 1980, there was at least one person (maybe 3 or more) in attendance who was able to record parts of the show. As you’ll see from the setlist below, out of the 17 songs they played, 8 of them were from their debut album. (Guitar solo contains “Eruption” from the debut in addition to “Spanish Fly” and “Cathedral”)

Additional footage from the Civic Center. However, for some reason, the person who uploaded this 8mm silent footage that they personally took at the show...used audio of Sammy Hagar singing "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"

There’s is also THIS footage. The video is from the St Paul Civic Center (April 13, 1980), however, the audio is from April 30, 1980 in Pittsburgh. It syncs up pretty well, though.

The YouTube user made the video “unembeddable”. You can view the footage HERE